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Here’s a bit more information, not covered in the video: by the time we unpacked and cleaned the cooler (another 6-7 hours later), there was still ice floating in the cold water, though the melting was more significant. This means the cooler is excellent for a three-plus-night camping trip.

As you can see, we still had a lot of food left—we probably could have filled it with five nights worth of food, especially if we’d had a separate beverage cooler. For our trip, we opened the cooler for about one minute at least three to five times per day. This isn’t a scientific test—it’s a real-life, working example of how we used the cooler while camping. The weather was quite warm (around 25 C) and it got even toastier inside the van (always lock up your food at night or when you’re not at the campsite) so we were impressed with the insulation properties of the cooler.

Finally, for best results, it’s recommended to pre-chill your cooler—we didn’t have time to do this, which may have resulted in more ice melt than usual.


Note: This cooler was supplied by YETI for testing and review. They have not reviewed or approved this video.