No, this isn’t glamping


Even the most rustic campers can’t deny there is something inviting about a cozy, aesthetically appealing front-country campsite. From a pop of colour on a brightly tinted tent to a fuzzy blanket tossed on a comfortable chair, camping in style can be simple, sophisticated and still luxurious.

Whatever your outdoor vibe, choose from the below items to decorate your campsite in a way that’s true to your style as a camper. Some items are best for front-country sites while others are lightweight enough to drag into the backcountry.

Have fun, get outside and live the adventure—in style.

photoAlison Karlene Hodgins

1. Fairy lights

String fairy lights above your tent and canopy and click them on when the sun goes down. The warm yellow-orange glow that emits will guide you to your campsite and provide a calming light source, especially during a fire ban.


2. Pillows

While hardy backpackers might choose to roll a hoodie into a ball and sleep on it, most of us prefer a pillow for a good night’s sleep. You can grab a lightweight, inflatable one or—for a more luxe experience—bring the one from your bed. This is a sure way to make your campsite feel like home.


3. Camping blanket

Puffy blankets are a great companion for camping. Snuggle up next to the campfire in an oversized blanket or use it as an extra layer when sleeping. You can also designate a fuzzy blanket, old quilt or set of sheets for camping.



4. Campsite ‘rug’

Okay, this may be the ULTIMATE way to elevate your campsite. All we did was lay out an old blanket we usually bring to the beach on the hard, gravel ground in front of our camp chairs. Not only could we slip out of our hiking boots and stretch our toes, but it also somehow made our area under the canopy look like a living room with a rug. Simple and effective.


5. Canopy

Not only will a canopy save you from the rain or sun, but it also creates the feeling of a roof over your head. This was especially effective for us as we were camping during a fire ban, which meant no snuggling up near the firepit. The canopy created a chill space for us to hide from the rain.


6. Hammock

String up a hammock in the trees to truly relax and create a calm campsite ambience. The best places to set up include next to a body of water, within sight of a beautiful view or behind your tent for maximum privacy. Bring a book and a few snacks so you can hang out awhile.

photoAlison Karlene Hodgins

7. Book or notebook

Leave the electronics behind (or in your backpack) and truly unwind with a notebook, colouring book or captivating novel. Bonus—it looks romantic to have a pretty paperback or leather-bound journal resting on your camp chair.


8. Drink glasses

A pair of reusable plastic wine glasses or aluminum beer steins will make you feel extra classy in the woods and elevate your camping experience. Indulge in a YETI rambler or packable wine glasses. Just don’t forget the drinks!


9. Slippers

Is there anything better than tugging off your hiking boots and stinky socks after a long day of exploring? Back at camp, slip on a pair of comfortable shoes like these unisex slippers from Baffin. Then you can unwind with comfy feet.


10. Double sleeping bag

Arguably our best investment, a double sleeping bag is much cozier to snuggle up in than a single mummy bag. If you’re car camping, don’t hesitate to pack a few extra blankets. If you're backpacking, you might consider a wearable sleeping bag liner for an extra cozy evening in the tent.


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