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Dogs make the best hiking buddies. Dogs are always energetic. They're happy to be there. They never (well, rarely) complain. And they’ll push you to hike further and harder every time. Yes, dogs love the outdoors. And we love dogs. So...
If you haven’t been to Prince Edward Island yet, you really need to go. With shocking red cliffs, beige sand beaches, a lush green interior and some of the friendliest Canadians you’ll ever meet, this gentle island offers inclusive hikes for...
Your kid is going to be your hiking partner for life. Imagine—weekends roaming the mountainsides together, bonding over vast vistas, wildlife sightings and summits reached. Family vacations with an active slant—camping and trekking both at-home and abroad. An active and healthy...
It might possibly have been easier for our writer Doug O'Neill to complete the Cirque of the Unclimbables than assemble 25 of the Best Hikes in Canada's North. After all, these trails crisscross some of our nation's most remote places, and...
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