Going hiking?

These four gear items by Avventura Outdoors are innovative pieces for hikes big and small. Whether you’re a trail runner, wet-weather wanderer or snowy trekker, these new gear items will improve your hiking experience:


1. Hydration Belt

Is your backpack bulky? Heavy? Do you end up carrying way more than you need just to fill empty space?

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Hydration belts are ideal for trail running or short, uphill hikes like the Grouse Grind. This one comes with two stainless-steel water bottles, balanced in opposing side pockets and secured with elastics. There are also removable pockets for extras like a headlamp, tissues, snacks and keys. Your phone should fit in the secured center back pocket, which also features a small opening for headphone chords. It’s padded for comfort and fully adjustable.


2. No-Tie Laces

If you’ve ever had a lace break on the trail, you know how incredibly frustrating it is—and how helpless you feel.

photoAvventura Outdoors

Mud, dirt and water can get into the fibers of regular laces, hardening, weakening and eventually cracking them. Instead, these elastic no-tie laces turn your boots into a slip-on shoe, meaning less tugging, untying and breaking laces on the trail—and more time confidently hiking.


3. Hiking/Snowshoeing Gaiters

Wet shoes can dampen the good vibes of even an amazing hike.

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Keep dry all the way up to your knees while trekking through snow, rain or mud with extra protection. These gaiters zip together around your shin and can be tightened with a sturdy strap at the top. Then, link the metal loop over your laces and secure the rubber strap beneath your boot. You’re set—no matter the weather.


4. Hiking Towel

If you’re not working up a sweat, are you really hiking?

photoAvventura Outdoors

Having a quick-dry towel on hand while hiking is for more than just mopping up perspiration. Clip it to the back of your backpack to keep in handy for any emergency that might call for it.


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