We love the Christmas-morning feeling, and our members do too.

That's why all the gear inside our unique subscription box for outdoor adventurers in North America is kept a surprise, every single season.

You won't know exactly what gear is coming to you, and that's part of the fun. Explore's editor, David Webb, hand-picks all the gear. Every box contains $150+ worth of gear for only $97 per quarter.

The club also includes access to a private Facebook group where we host weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual adventure challenges with epic prizes to be won.

This forum is a huge value add. It not only awards you with prizes, but inspires you to get outside with plentiful outdoorsy ideas for solo adventures, couples, families and people of all ages!

We all lack motivation sometimes, and having a challenge to complete with the incentive of winning a prize—and other adventures from across Canada and the USA keeping us accountable—is a sure way to start living your most adventurous life.

So, what kind of gear comes in these boxes?


Before subscribing, you might want some idea of the gear you'll get. Fear not! We've compiled our latest unboxing videos for an entire year to show what you would have received if you'd subscribed for 2021.

You can still sign up for the current box once we announce what’s inside via our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook—but each box is only available for a limited time, and when they’re gone; that’s it!

If you want to guarantee you’ll get a certain box, you need to sign up fast.

You can always subscribe for one box and cancel if it’s not the club for you… but you might regret it when you see the next season’s box!

Watch the unboxing videos below to see all the gear you would have received as an LTA Club member for 2021:



What are you waiting for? Join the club today!