Jon Turk

I’m a huge fan of Jon Turk’s writing and his latest book Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey into Deep Wild is another great read.

Crocodiles & IceTurk is a storyteller, adventurer, humourist and deep philosopher all in one. It a great and very unique package and his latest book reveals it all.

It’s a collection of extreme adventures—Ellesmere Island, Salmon Island jungle and ocean, the British Columbia mountains and the Himalayan Plateau. He goes beyond trip notes, though. It’s a deep discussion on connecting to such wild places; a spiritual and personal journey. Turk reflects and educates the reader on how we’ve become separate from nature, and how sane it is to go back and rekindle our connection to it. We must see ourselves as part of the crocodile, wolf, bear... and ice. It’s the only way to heal the environment we’re constantly destroying. True freedom isn’t found through greed, self-interest or consumerism. It’s about experiencing the connection to the place all cultures were born from—wilderness.