On the northwest coast of Cuba, over 500 kilometres from the popular holiday destination Varadero and nearly 600 kilometres from the capital Havana, an archipelago offers access to adventure for ambitious travellers. If you’re looking for the all-inclusive resort experience, Jardines del Rey has that, too, but you’d be missing a significant factor of the area’s charm if you stay cooped up inside.

So, escape North America's chilly, wet weather and go on a sunny outdoor adventure this winter. Here are five outdoor adventure activities you can do in Jardines del Rey: 


1. Sailboarding


Also known as windsurfing, this sport involves a board similar to a SUP—with the addition of a mast and sail. Float over translucent turquoise water and navigate along the impossibly perfect white sand beaches of Cayo Coco. Lessons are available near most resorts and tourist hotspots.


2. Kitesurfing


Kite surfers will find a sandy headland at Punta Coco where they can play on the waves. Nearby, Playa Flamingo has shallow waters for experts and freestylers. Schools along the beach in Cayo Coco supply lessons to beginners.


3. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling


When you go underwater, you’ll open your eyes in a whole new world. Along with a colourful array of coral, you might encounter sharks, morays, barracudas and caves . You can find dive centres in Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco. If it’s your first time, register for an open-water certification course.

4. Bird Watching


Wildlife enthusiasts can spot special species in Jardines del Rey. Along the causeway Pedraplén, explorers might catch glimpses of herons, pelicans and roseate spoonbills. Visit nearby Parador la Silla at sunrise and sunset to see flocks of pink flamingos flying overhead.


5. Fishing


Take to the ocean or book an excursion to Laguna de Leche (“Milky Lagoon”). Here, you’ll find shimmering underwater lime deposits that give Cuba’s largest natural lake its name. A refuge for flamingos, the lake is also a popular fishing spot. You can catch largemouth bass, landlocked tarpon, snook and tilapia.


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