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From a new poncho, to a battery that keeps you warm, to a $75 sock—we have three interesting new items to help you tackle spring's unpredictable conditions.

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Dryguy Warm n’ Charge ($40)


Frigid weather kills electronics and freezes fingers. Now there’s a gadget to help with both. The Warm n’ Charge is a USB-rechargeable portable battery that can boost your smartphone twice on a single charge. With a click, it doubles as a portable heater—simmering at either 43 or 49 degrees Celsius for five or three hours, respectively. It weighs just 133 grams and vanishes in a jacket pocket (until you turn it on).

CEP Ski Merino Compression Socks ($75)

 CEP CompressionCEP Compression

Made in Germany with a blend of nylon, merino wool and Spandex, these ski socks offer the requisite wicking and warmth expected from high-end performance blends—with a twist. Tactile compression promotes circulation, which gets more oxygen to your muscles, helps carry away waste—like lactates—and aides warmth distribution. Anatomical design specifically matches each foot; padding adds comfort; and the compression-knitting even enhances ankle stability.

Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho ($130)


We won’t go camping without it. That’s how quickly Therm-a-Rest’s Honcho Poncho went from oddball to essential. With a water-resistant shell and synthetic insulation designed for both warmth and breathability, it’s better than a sweater for staying campfire-cozy. The Honcho fastens via snaps and drapes long in the back for cold-bum protection; hands stay heated via a kangaroo pocket; and the 793-gram unit stuffs into a pocket to form a camp pillow—or unfurl it into a blanket for unencumbered summertime snoozing.