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The adrenaline rush of tearing away wrapping paper and ripping off bows has many of us up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. Witnessing the warmth of a child’s or loved one’s smile as they unwrap the perfect gift makes the stress of holiday shopping worth it. While the anticipation of opening presents can deflate quickly after, giving the gift of fun outdoor experiences and memories can extend that feeling. These thoughtful WOW Sports gifts for snow- and water-loving families will ignite the desire to get outside, bond and create special moments year-round.


WOW-SOUND Buoy Bluetooth Speaker

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Don’t be fooled by its compact size. The omnidirectional speaker on this cone-shaped device pumps powerful 360-degree sound and is always ready for backyard pool parties. The multi-coloured light show is a bonus for spontaneous dance parties or as a nightlight in a pinch. Its circular base fits snugly into a cup holder so you can safely take it with you in the water on a floaty, but if it happens to fall in, the speaker’s waterproof. It also has over 20 hours of battery life so you can jam all day no matter where you take it. With this Bluetooth speaker, setup is easy. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, which means you can easily hook up your phone (Apple or Android) or iPad and select your music from there.

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Backyard Water Slide

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A backyard water slide is the hallmark of a memorable summer party. With this giant, 7.6-metre by 1.8-metre (25-foot by six-foot) slide, you can turn your backyard into an exciting water park at a moment’s notice. This is the ultimate present to get ready for the upcoming long and scorching summer months. Setup is a breeze, requiring minimal time. It can be placed pretty much anywhere on level ground and the built-in sprinklers will fill the slide with water once it’s hooked up to your backyard hose. The high side walls keep both the water and the kids in, and the smooth and durable PVC material means you won’t have to worry about any punctures no matter how the kids (or adults) slip and coast down the slide. For a slide of even more epic proportions, link it with others using the customized connection system.

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Stadium Islander

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If you equate balmy summer days to splashing with friends, then this giant 12-person inflatable is for you. It might dominate the average-sized pool, so bring it to a natural watering hole like a lake or river. Or, for year-round fun, lounge on the inflated Stadium Islander in your backyard. At an enormous 12 feet in diameter, this giant inflatable has a separate mesh seat for each of your friends. The middle is like your own personal pool and is an easy way to get on and off, so you can switch between cooling off in the water and sun tanning in your seat.

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Lu WOW Lounge

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The Lu WOW Lounge is ideal for those who like to relax on the water without getting wet. This one-person inflatable comes with a moulded cupholder, so you won’t have to leave the pool to grab a drink. The well-constructed chaise lounge is built with the ultimate relaxation in mind, as it’s comfortably reclined while still supporting your back. And its built-in armrests help keep you feeling comfy. When you do feel like having some company, use the side grommets to attach additional Lu WOW Lounges so you can float together. Despite its size, the inflatable comes with a speed valve for quick inflation and deflation, making setup and take down nearly effortless.

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WOW Bobsled Snow Tube

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Sail down snow-covered slopes on this one-person snow tube while feeling like you’re driving a bobsled. Little sledders can safely and comfortably ride it while sitting or kneeling. Made from heavy-duty PVC and a crack-resistant bottom to withstand a variety of terrain, kids will delight in an ultra-smooth ride with steady speed and minimal drag. A sturdy tow rope helps to get the snow tube up the hill, and it’s also handy for pulling those young sledders who’d rather not swoosh down the slopes through fields of fresh snow instead. No matter how much they like the snow or tubing, this is a fun gift to encourage kids to embrace the cold rather than fear it.

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