Summer Fun

 The most epic summer days are those when you combine two passions. Like stand-up paddleboarding and downhill mountain biking.

Imagine, bombing down a dusty trail back to your vehicle. You're sweaty and dirty—in the best way.

Waiting for you is an azure lake and a responsive paddleboard to explore it on. That's summer done right. 

Sounds good?

Get the ride: Norco Torrent 7.2



With 7.1-centimetre-wide “plus-sized” tires and a freeride-feeling geometry, this hard-tail rides more like a dual suspension all-mountain bike but with more grip and confidence in loose, muddy and steep situations. It’s an ideal new rig for trail riders looking for versatility. 


But make sure to wear: Bollé ONE MTB 



No one’s reinventing the helmet, so Bollé is focusing on making it better. There is a sunglass garage for holding shades when they’re not on your face, a QR code that stores your vitals in case of an accident, a readymade slot for an LED light out back and both summer and winter liners. 


Get the board: Boardworks Verve



This stand-up paddleboard may only be 11 feet long, a bit shorter than most fitness and race boards, but it hauls. A flat bottom with little rocker and a stiff carbon hull add up to efficient stroking without being too tippy. It’s a great flat water, tripping or race board. 


But make sure to wear: Zeal Drifter



The rectangular-frame Drifter mixes performance (polarized lens and rubber for grip) with style (sweet-looking wood and tortoise frame options) and adds a dose of sustainability. Both the frame and lenses are made from plant-based plastics rather than the usual petroleum. 

(And wear a PFD, too.)


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