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My hesitation between movements created instability, and I flopped into the water for what felt like the hundredth time. A wave of disappointment washed over me as gentle waves washed over my surfboard on Chesterman Beach. 

Surfing seemed like the Tofino thing to do. While I was there last summer, I was determined to learn how to ride the waves despite my fear of open water. 

To maximize my private lesson, I took to YouTube the days leading up to it and absorbed any advice from the pros about how to properly stand up on a surfboard. On the day of my lesson, I spent an hour on the beach with my instructor practising a series of movements on a surfboard drawn in the sand.

I learned to pop up by pressing my hands into the sand beneath my chest and jump to my feet in one swift motion, then bend my knees and adopt a low stance to keep my balance on the board. I practiced until these movements came smoothly and my pop-up was fluid—the key to being able to stand up on a wave.


In the water between feeling the momentum of the oncoming waves and trying to remember the correct placement of my feet, I was an uncoordinated mess. My arms ached from paddling. Both running out of steam and the ability to concentrate halfway through this 2.5-hour lesson, I had seemingly forgotten the techniques and series of movements I had learned on land.

I’m eager to try surfing again and know I’ll have greater success with it if I improve my focus and physical endurance.

Always in search of ways to react faster and perform better while taking part in outdoor activities, I gave Cherry Bo2mb Natural Supplement a shot.


Cherry Bo2mb for Better Performance

Cherry Bo2mb is a 100 per cent natural and drug-free supplement designed to enhance four key factors of performance. Allan Klassen, VP of business development and marketing with CherryBo2mb, identifies these as reaction time, working memory, vigilance and the ability to multi-task. To be able to avoid falling on a trail by quickly grabbing a tree branch, maintain focus during a monotonous activity, or multitask by simultaneously shifting your attention means your brain has to work more effectively and efficiently.

For better performance, Dr. Stephen Krauss, founder of Oxigensis Inc. and creator of Cherry Bo2mb, explains the free radicals that are produced in the body when you’re doing strenuous activity have to be eliminated. This BSCG-certified supplement is created with a blend of 30 antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. “[The ingredients] are all designed to provide the body with energy and help rid itself of the free radicals, so the body can work more efficiently, can repair itself more quickly and can respond more quickly,” explains Dr. Krauss.

The addition of PurCaf® organic caffeine stimulates your brain without leaving you with that super high jolt and crash that most other sports drinks do. Plus, Cherry Bo2mb contains an oxygen component which is key for energy production. “That’s the other reason why this product is so different than anything that’s out there. More oxygen means better endurance and better stamina,” says Dr. Krauss. “It’s just science—we’ve created the right blend of ingredients that really can make a difference and make you feel like a superhero.”


How to Use

Reaping the benefits of this supplement is simple. The recommended maximum serving is two per day, and it’s as easy as adding 16-20 oz. of water, shaking it up and drinking it five to 15 minutes before your activity to enhance your performance. The pink powder smells of cotton candy and the sweetness of the acerola cherry shines through in the drink. You can sip on this for a refreshing, hydrating boost of energy after a tiring adventure.


Keep Adventuring This Summer

As the ongoing pandemic encourages us to spend time outdoors, discover new passions and look for fun and healthy ways to stay active this summer, Cherry Bo2mb Natural Supplement can help us continue to perform at our best.


This article was sponsored by CHERRY BO2MB®

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