The Evolution of Balance

By Kris Holm

Want a new way to cross-train for balance and core strength? Give unicycling a try. It's challenging to learn but not difficult once you know how. Most riders take about 5-15 hours to learn the basics.

Quick Tips

Find a place with smooth, level ground and has a fence for support. Avoid grass or uneven surfaces as you'll learn quicker where you can roll smoothly.

Grasp the fence with both hands and put your foot on the rear pedal. From this position, rock up and onto the unicycle. Sit up straight with about 80 per cent of your weight on the saddle. Lean slightly forward and start pedalling, working your way back and forth along the fence.

Try relying less and less on the fence for support until you can let go for short distances and eventually ride away from the it.

For more information on the remarkably diverse sport of mountain unicycling, check out Kris Holm's profile as a FEAT Canada speaker and check out his book, The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling (Gradient Press 2012 ).