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5 ways to stay adventurous with kids

1. Just go! Things will never be ideal; the house clean, kids perfectly content for example, but if the kids are cared for and house is liveable then make a clean break and get outside for some fun.

2. 10 minute rule – if I feel unmotivated, weather is crap or I am super tired I just tell myself I need to get the dog out and see what happens. I have never stopped after 10 minutes since it really only takes a short time to start feeling a rhythm and forget about all these things. It also gives me more energy for the rest of the night.

3. Be flexible and creative – I am lucky to live close to a trail network so to keep things fun and adventurous I choose different routes and take a headlamp during the winter months. You can use a backpack or chariot with little ones and mix up activities to keep things fresh. Evening outings work best for us and to socialize once in awhile I will catch up with a friend over a hike or ride.

4. Shorten outings – if you are an ultra endurance athlete this may be tough but I have learned it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Quality short outings can keep you consistent and motivated and do a lot to refresh your mind and spirits. Plus, with my kids so young I really want to wrap it up and get home to the family.

5. Prioritize and be realistic. I now joke how ironic it is that I used to pay money (in long AR’s) to experience sleep deprivation! If you are really lacking fuel in the tank sometimes it is best to recharge with sleep or try a small outing (see #2) to ease the mind. You will get to know when rest is really more important and inevitably your life balance will improve!  

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