Becoming a Superhero

"Harnessing the power of your own inner superhero" is about exploring your own personal potential using the iconic ideology of the power behind super human experiences and sport while investing in your community. Here are my 5 tips towards empowering you to explore that superhero self.

Stay Grounded
Transformation come through hard work and fear resilience. This arms your superhero self with the power to overcome adversity and to adapt to life's unpredictability.

Balanced Focus
True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity. Understanding this great human paradox allows your superhero self to use both the positive and negative situations in life as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

The Hero's Journey
Super or human, the journey starts where there is no path. Honor the process, and stay humble. Be responsible for your actions along the way and be prepared for detours, pit stops and road blocks. These are your lessons, your learning process.

Let Go
The act of releasing that which is hindering you, should not be forced by exerting will over it. It requires the opposite. It requires us not to fight. Have courage to not resist, to not drive or push. A Superhero recognizes that letting go is just as important as letting in.

Vulnerability is Authenticity
Vulnerability is at the heart of authenticity. When we accept all of what makes up our "self" we act with integrity and not only reinforce our values we are in line with our purpose. Superheros recognize this innate human quality to stay present and it liberates others to embrace their authenticity and to acknowledge who they are versus who they think they should be.

Sarah is an empowered woman who is a freelance do-gooder, a social crusader, a runner-of-a-muk of all things bucket-list and philanthropically inclined, that’s Sarah. She holds a day job as Movement & Performance Coach & YogaFORM Corrective Coach, as well as calls herself ambassador of awesome. Hear more about her journey from her talk at FEAT Canada.

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