3 tips on how to eat during an ultramarathon

1) Use a nutrition plan that works for you
Some people can run 100 miles on just gels whilst others will struggle to stomach just a few gels over the same distance.  There is no real right or wrong thing to eat, and whilst some foods might fuel you better than others the ultimate goal is to be able to get enough calories down, in whatever form, to keep you running.

2) Bring your own fuel
If you are a picky eater, don't rely on the aid stations.  Most ultras will have the option of drop bags or points where friends can hand over food/ hydration to you.  If you are not sure what might be at the aid stations, or fear they might run out of supplies, then it's best to come self-sufficient.

3) Pack what you think you'll need, then pack some more
If you do bring your own fuel, bring more than you think you will need in drop bags and with your crew.  Your race might take longer than planned but at least you won't be worrying about running out of supplies, or you might think you're only going to want one of your favourite energy bars but if suddenly that is all your stomach can take then at least you have back up supplies. 

Ellie Greenwood grew up running and in 2002 entered her first marathon, having always been inspired by watching London marathon on TV as a kid. By the time she stood at the start line of the 2011 Western States Endurance run, the most famed of 100 milers in North America, Ellie had completed numerous ultras and had been lucky enough to notch up a few wins. Hear all about it in this video from her speaking at FEAT Canada in March 2013.