FEAT Canada

Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) Canada is back March 4, 2015 for another exciting year at the Centennial Theater in Vancouver. This adventurous series is designed to be like a TED Talk for those who are looking to challenge themselves on their next journeys. This fast-paced presentation gives each speaker seven minutes (no more, no less) to tell their story. Short and sweet!

From skiing, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, adventure racing, mountain running, you name it, FEAT has it! This year, FEAT Canada will feature some outstanding individuals who are sure to get the audience excited and dreaming of their next escape. Here’s a brief introduction to some of this year’s courageous athletes.

Steph Jagger: Take action on a Call to Adventure

Steph Jagger

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Steph has long been defined by the term ”getting’ ‘er done”. In her early career she climbed her way up the corporate ladder like a well-trained fire marshal working in sales, marketing, and public relations for national and international brands, like Nike, Loblaws and Gap Inc.

While her career achievements are impressive, her sporting performances deserve recognition! In 2010 Steph departed on a trip called The Vertical Feat where she managed to ski 4,161,823 vertical feet. That is almost the equivalent to going down Everest from tip to base 142 times. That is Steph Jagger setting a new world record for “the most vertical feet skied in one year”! After completing her journey, Steph ditched her parka, moved to San Diego, California, went back to school, and got a graduate degree in executive and life coaching. Currently, Steph runs a growing coaching and consulting practice, aptly named Steph Jagger, with the goal of equipping others to live an unrestrained life where they can just giv'er. She is also writing a book about The Vertical Feat that will hit shelves in early 2016

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Gavin Kennedy: Emotion, Curiosity, Change

Gavin Kennedy

Before graduating from documentary film school, Gavin Kennedy spent the previous year cycling the Pan American highway from Vancouver to Argentina, documenting his trip through photography and imagery. It’s amazing what a good friend and a high five at a Vancouver bar can do!  What’s next? Tough decision between cycling across Iran with skis attached to bicycles or kayaking from Vancouver to Alaska.

With a diverse background that includes being a trained mechanic in the Canadian Forces and a political science graduate schooled in Slovenia, Spain and Vancouver, Gavin has all the necessary tools and passion to captivate an audience. On March 4, 2015, he invites everyone to a night where he can share some stories that are sure to trigger emotion, pique curiosity and inspire change. 

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Frank Wolf: All the World’s a Stage

Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf is Canada’s most diverse adventurer. In the past 20 years he’s done an impressive single-season canoe expedition across Canada; whitewater kayaked in Cambodia and Laos; cycled the frozen Yukon River in the dead of winter; and sea kayaked around British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii.

Frank has also hiked, packrafted and sea kayaked the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker route from Alberta’s tar sands to the Pacific Ocean. To add to his impressive resume, last summer Frank was part of a four-person team who attempted to row the Northwest Passage. Wolf's expeditions share a mind-boggling degree of difficulty, revealed through creative (some might say impossible) route selection and personal suffering along the way. Even more impressive is Wolf’s ability to film insightful and humorous documentaries along the way.

Frank Wolf was also the main creator of “The Hand of Franklin”, which premiered February 13, 2015 at the Centennial Theatre as part of the VIMFF. Trailer can be found by clicking here. 

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Vikki Weldon: Mentorship

Vikki Weldon

Vikki Weldon knows how to climb to the top! Growing up in a family full of climbers, Vikki took to climbing at a young age and was soon excelling in the climbing gym and competitions. Her drive and determination led her to seven consecutive national championship titles and the opportunity to represent Canada at six Youth World Cup events, with her best result placing 5th in Beijing 2006. In the bouldering arena, Vikki has earned three Open National victories and multiple podium finishes.

Growing up in Calgary, AB, close to some of Canada's best sport climbing, Vikki quickly discovered the joy of climbing outdoors. Her addiction to the rock and a willingness to push personal limits led to quick successes. Vikki climbed her first 13a at the age of 15 and has since redpointed multiple 13d's (8b) and bouldered up to V10. Last year, Vikki became the third Canadian female to redpoint 5.14a (8b+), with her ascent of Eulogy in Maple Canyon, UT. While enjoying a career in pediatric nursing, Vikki always keeps the mountains close to her heart. Recently having discovered the joys of difficult multipitch climbing and traditional climbing, Vikki plans to continue living a fulfilling and exciting life in the mountains.

Other climbing accomplishments:
• 7 time Canadian Youth National Champion
• 3 time Canadian Open Bouldering Champion

Interested in what Vikki has to say? See her live and get your tickets here!

Bob Purdy: Changing how we Live on the Planet

Bob Purdy

Bob Purdy is the “Standup Paddlesurfing, Elder in Training” from “Paddle for the Planet”. From his first paddle stroke to his first movie, Bob found Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) as the perfect way of combining his love of the water and healing the planet

On January 1, 2011, Bob committed himself to “Change the Way we live on the Planet” by going out every day on his Standup Paddlesurfer. Bob is also the proud founder of “World Paddle for the Planet Day”, an annual event that invites paddlers of all types of craft from around the World to “Pick a change, Paddle for that change on WPFTPDay, then commit to it until that change becomes reality”. In addition to seeing Bob live at FEAT Canada, adventure enthusiasts can see Bob on screen in his guest appearance in the “Canadian Surfer Movie.” His paddling efforts from “Change the Way we live on the Planet” in the recently released “The Paddler Movie”. A paddling movie start, Bob is committed to sending a healthy and vibrant Planet into the future!

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Susan Oakey-Baker: Connections through Vulnerabilities and the Outdoors

Sue Oakey-Baker

A few words come to mind when one describes Susan Oakey-Baker: whole-hearted author, guide, mother, and survivor are just a few! Growing in up in Vancouver, BC Susan became passionate with sports and arts. Graduating with a degree in French Literature and Language Education, Susan used her academic skills and talents to develop into a great author, teacher, guide and painter.

Susan has twenty years of outdoor experience, having spent time ski touring, mountaineering, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and biking all over the world. Her adventures, photographs and writings have been published in Pique magazine, the Alpine Club of Canada Gazette and the Canadian Alpine Journal to inspire all outdoor enthusiasts. She has also worked as a nationally certified hiking guide in Africa, Nepal and North America. Her guiding career includes hiking with more than 150 people, ranging in age from sixteen to eighty-five, to the top of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, for the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia. Talk about high achievements! Susan now lives in Whistler, British Columbia, with her husband, Joe, and their eight-year-old son, Sam. Her first book, Finding Jim, was launched in October 2013 by Rocky Mountain Books.

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Peter Marshall: Pushing the Limit after Deadly Diagnosis

Peter Marshall

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Peter Marshall has always been an athletic person. From competing internationally in swimming to enjoying outdoor pursuits like hiking, skiing, and surfing, Peter has continually pushed his skills to the next level. In his 20’s he completed several big adventures some of which included cycling across Canada and Western Europe, and finishing Ironman Canada in 2008.

While competing and venturing took Peter on several adventures, Peter would soon face one of his greatest challenges. In late 2010, Peter became critically ill and was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. The disease scarred him with a compromised immune system and permanent damage to his lungs.

 After a couple years of intense medical treatment, Peter made it to a state of remission, allowing him to plan an adventure to raise awareness of this rare condition. In July 2013, Peter completed a self-supported cycling, skiing, and climbing trip from Vancouver to the summit of Mount Rainier and back. What would 14,000 feet feel like with 60% lung function? Read all about it on his online blog). Despite the illness, Peter continued to persevere and did not allow anything to take away his ambition. His determination and desire to remain active in spite of unfortunate circumstances remains his greatest achievement to date!

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Jason Cole/Rand Surbey: Teamwork & Possiblities

Jason Cole & Rand Surbey

Strong teamwork and partnerships are essential for any adventure and expedition. The dynamic team of Jason Cole and Rand Surbey has set the bar high in terms of athletic achievement and pushing the limit! As proud founding members of SymbiAthletic, an organization devoted to introducing people with disabilities to competitive racing and other adventures, Jason and Rand have created opportunities for many to explore and to believe that anything is possible.

An avid athlete, Jason Cole was dissatisfied with the cost options on the open market for people facing disabilities. He soon began designing and building custom-made, affordable, and easily maintained racing wheelchairs to create equal opportunities for all. Along with Rand Surbey, they have now completed five half-marathons between 2013 and 2014, in an average time of 1:33, and most recently completed the Tough Mudder 2014 Adventure Race in Whistler BC. Always willing to push their limits, they even ran the Scotiabank half-marathon the day after completing the Tough Mudder! In his “spare” time, Jason is also an avid sailor, hiker, pilot and adventure seeker.

 Always looking for the next great adventure, Rand Surbey doesn’t let anything stand in his way despite having to contend with cerebral palsy. His difficulties with motor control and requiring a computer board to aid communicate, he faces challenges everyday that most others take for granted. Not content with allowing life to pass him by, Rand continuously strives for greater challenges and together, he and Jason Cole have conquered five half-marathons and most recently, the Whistler 2014 Tough Mudder. He even completed two obstacles without the aid of his wheelchair, getting as muddy as any Tough Mudder should in the process. Rand is often the one who finds the next great challenge and pushes the team through to their victories with his enthusiasm and energy. Always active, Rand enjoys hiking all around Vancouver’s many environments, and wants to travel the world.

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Kevin Vallely: FEAT MC!

Kevin Vallely

Kevin Vallely was named one of Canada's leading adventurers by the Globe and Mail in 2003. Some of his adventuring highlights include a ski traverse of Alaska's 1860km Iditarod Trail, a retracing of Borneo's infamous Sandakan Death March for the first time since WWII, a speed record across Siberia's frozen Lake Baikal, a world record for the fastest unsupported trek to the South Pole and most recently, attempting a first-ever traverse of the Northwest Passage in a rowboat.

The goal of this evening is to create a social and fun atmosphere where the audience is inspired to explore through their interaction with the speakers. Every speaker mentioned has one thing in common with the audience:  they are people who like to get outside and explore.

FEAT Canada is always looking for new people to present, so if an audience members gets inspired to reach their extraordinary goal, perhaps they could be the be standing on stage next year!

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