Made from recycled plastic bottles, the new and improved VAUDE Asymmetric trekking backpack is available in two different sizes: 42+8 and 38+8.

Designed for taller, broader bodies, the 42+8 has a volume of 42 litres—but it can expand to accommodate 50 litres. How? An extra eight litres are available for use in a sneaky adjustable lid with an inner compartment.


In comparison, the 38+8 trekking backpack is for narrower and shorter bodies, and it has a capacity of 38 litres with the ability to expand to 46.

VAUDE Asymmetric Backpacks’ range of expansion means the pack overdelivers on space while remaining firmly in the lightweight category.

VAUDE backpack

The new 2022 version features a spacious front- and top-accessible main compartment, Tergolight Comfort Space suspension for lower-back relief and a water-repellent eco-finish manufactured without the use of harmful fluorocarbons (PFC). This product gets the seal of approval from VAUDE’s Green Shape label, guaranteeing it is made from sustainable materials across the entire lifecycle of the product.

We’d use this backpack for an overnight hike, long hikes, hut-to-hut trekking and winter adventures. Helmet and ice ax loops are provided, along with compression straps for the ultimate packing prowess.  

VAUDE backpack

Other features include a padded hip belt with a generous-sized pocket, ErgoShape shoulder straps, hiking pole attachment, gear loops and an included rain cover. A conveniently placed shoulder loop keeps sunglasses handy when not in use and the high-riding sternum strap (with a clever built-in whistle) is appreciated by those who otherwise find chest straps uncomfortably compress their bust.

Loaded with pockets, practical volume expansion, created to be durable and easy to repair, this backpack is an easy-to-wear, wise choice for your next trek.


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This was sponsored by Vaude Canada