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Ice crunching. Bonfire building. Cocoa sipping. We’re ready to revel in winter.

To revel means to “enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way.” Synonyms include to celebrate, make merry and party. KEEN’s Revel IV High Polar Boot is the perfect companion for fun winter adventures in the festive holiday season.

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The Revel IV High Polar boots are no-slip, all-the-grip, built-for-winter boots. With these snug on your feet, you’ll stick to slippery ice and experience more confidence in the cold. Go farther and try new activities—snowshoe, yurt hop, go for a late evening walk and take in the lights strung across trees and houses.

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From snow to slush and ice to rain, Canadian winters throw a lot at us. The Revel IV High Polar is up for the task. With 5mm multi-directional lugs, these boots meet the slip-resistant standards for Canadian postal carriers. With 400 grams of KEEN.WARM insulation for warmth up to -32°C, this boot is all you need to outlast a northern winter.

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These winter-ready boots provide hours of comfortable warmth on the trail and feature KEEN.Polar technology for better grip on snow and ice. The higher profile is ideal for deeper powder. The sturdy laces are secured with hooks, so you’re less likely to trip on rogue laces.

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You don’t need to compromise comfort for warmth—you’ll find the same great KEEN fit you expect in the Revel IV High Polar. The boots are slush-proof with KEEN.DRY waterproof leather uppers, feature a breathable membrane inside and are coated with PFAS-free water repellency outside, so your feet stay dry no matter the weather.


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