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For Canadians, winter boots are a way of life.

We all know the standard brands—and what their offerings look like, feel like and how they wear. In short, swapping out snazzy runners for heavy, cumbersome clodhoppers isn’t generally a popular affair.

But when the mercury drops, what else are you going to do?

Enter FUBUKI Boots Niseko 2.0. Call this product a disrupter to the classic snow-boot industry. If you’ve seen them, you likely remember them—a Technicolor footwear display of orange, pink, blue, green and more. But if you pried your eyes away from the boots themselves, you likely saw a smiling face atop them.

Let’s find out why.


FUBUKI is Japanese for “snowstorm,” but this company is actually Swedish. The idea for these boots was conceived by two Swedes during their time in Niseko, Japan (seeing the connectivity?).

Kalle Norman and Christofer Ljunggren, who own and operate this three-year-old company, were inspired by the boots Hokkaido locals often wore when the cold months overtook one of the snowiest places on Earth. So, they set about building their own version—something fun. Something lightweight. And something warm.


Warm is a given for winter boots—but lightweight and fun? This is where FUBUKI Boots sets itself apart. The Niseko 2.0 (available in high and low top) is constructed from a 100 per cent EVA outsole and shell, with an ABS toe cap for protection, and they keep you warm with a non-removable polyester lining and a drawstring-close polyester cap. The result is total weatherproofness—100 per waterproof and windproof—and a -30-degree Celsius temperature rating.

But that’s not where these boots truly shine. The user experience has to be felt to be believed.

The all-EVA construction not only keeps the weight low (my colossal size 12 men’s high-top weigh just 675 grams each—less than half the weight of much of their competition), but it actually puts a spring in your step. Every trod forward feels like you’re being encouraged into a prance across the frozen landscape. Plus, the cleated rubber sole is one of the best ice-grippers we’ve tested this side of carbide spikes.

And they look so darn good. Don’t be shy—wear these beacons with pride. Winter months can be dreary in Canada; you need to brighten your day. It’s basically impossible to be in a bad mood with the Niseko 2.0 on your tootsies.

Although the thermometer hasn’t hit much below -5 degrees in the area that I’ve wear-tested these beauties, I’ve worn enough winter boots to be confident the Niseko 2.0's -30 rating is solid. (I’m finding myself wishing it would get colder just so I can wear them on my evening dog-walks.)


The FUBUKI Boots Niseko 2.0 is a notable product. Disruptive, unique and eye-catching apparel and gear only comes around every once-in-a-while in the outdoor industry. And it’s our privilege to draw attention to this manufacturer; a brand forging its own way and crafting footwear that stands alone.

(Oh, and for the fashion conservatives, they come in black and white too.)

FUBUKI Boots Niseko 2.0


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