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"Finally, a subscription box that sends me outdoor adventure gear and adds adventure to my life the moment my first box arrives"


Fellow explorer,

Imagine, standing atop a bluff overlooking a pristine lake, enveloped in the silence of nature. You snap a quick photo to capture the moment. Now, imagine the rush of sharing this moment and your exciting new life with your friends and family. Imagine…how much more a life enriched by adventure could be...


Let me Introduce you to Explore Magazine's 'Live the Adventure Club' Gear Box...

Gear Box Subscriptions


At Explore Magazine, there are two things we know inside out...


We test hundreds of products every year for Explore Magazine, so we know what products are going to be useful, and what products will probably wind up collecting dust in your backpack.  

Since we get to test so many amazing things, it seemed only right we take the best of the best and send out a box of awesome products to you, every 90 days.

In each box we will surprise you with 4 - 6 pieces of super handy gear, a copy of Explore Magazine and challenges to get you outside and using your new gear.

That is $150+ in retail value for just $97.00... plus the priceless value of the motivational challenges you won't find anywhere else.

Not only will you be getting quality outdoor gear at a fraction of the retail price, you will also be getting the motivation to get out there and explore.

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What's Inside?


A themed collection every 90 days

Every Gear Box is packed with outdoor adventure gear curated for each box's unique themed collection and challenge

In each box you will find:

  • 4-6 pieces of outdoor adventure gear
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine 
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual challenges utilizing your new gear
  • Awesome prizes for those who complete the challenges
  • A private community where you can hang out with other adventurers 

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What's In These Boxes?




  • Access to our Private Adventure Community

Never let not having somebody to adventure with be a problem again.

With over 2,100 club members, our private community is the perfect place to find an adventure partner, trade stories and get the advice you need on anything adventure related.


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  • Weekly and Quarterly Challenges

Need some extra motivation?  Use your new gear in our weekly and quarterly challenges and be eligible to win prizes valued over $1,000.

These challenges are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, or bond with your children, spouse, or other friends.


FREE with membership

    • Free Shipping

    These packages cost north of $30 in shipping fees, but as a bonus, we will even eat the cost of shipping.  Don't worry, we won't cheap out, you will even get a tracking number when shipped.



    FREE with membership

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    Our Guarantee 

    If You Don't Absolutely Love The "Live the Adventure" Gear Box, We Don’t Want To Keep Your Money!

    To make subscribing to 'Live the Adventure'  Gear Box an easy decision, we’ve decided to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to every subscriber. 

    After you receive your first box, if you don’t think the box was worth your money, return it to us for a full refund.



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