Training for summer hikes during the off-season isn’t easy.

Now that I don’t snowboard anymore, I find it difficult to participate in winter sports. Though I enjoy snowshoeing, winter hiking and cross-country skiing, cold-weather outdoor adventures are not my forte.

Last summer, due to a combination of unpleasant weather, a lack of time and chronic knee pain, I didn’t hike as much as I wanted to. This year, I want to get my body conditioned for more hikes and adventures in 2023. I jumped at the chance to try out the mother-daughter-founded subscription-based fitness platform, Movement by NM. Here’s how it went.


The Platform

Movement by NM fitness outdoors adventureThe App

Launched in 2020, Movement by NM isn’t just a workout App. The BC-based online fitness studio has a strong focus on improving your mindset and overall wellbeing. Meditation, stretching and breathwork classes offer a well-rounded perspective of what it means to be ‘fit.’

Movement by NM's motto is, “feel free to move.” The very first email I received after signing up inspired me:

The best place to start is where you are right now. Literally, in this moment! Try stretching your arms above your head and taking a few deep breaths. Nice work! You're already seeing the benefits of movement.

After a short, relieving stretch (go on, do it now!), I started exploring the platform.


My Experience

Movement by NM teacher Adrian Gaskin_credit_LindseyBlane_LR-2Teacher Adrian Gaskin. Credit: Lindsey Blane

Downloading the App on my iPhone was straightforward, and I was excited to find it available on my Roku. I added the App to my TV in the living room, so I had no excuse not to browse for short workouts.

And short these workouts are! With classes as short as one minute, I didn’t get bored. In five to ten minutes, I got my heart rate up, moved my body and tried something new.

Fun options like belly dancing didn’t make fitness feel like a chore. I ended up doing a short video (workout or meditation) two or three times per week for the past month, supplementing with in-person hot yoga, spin classes and weight lifting at the gym.

Farinaz_Lari-credit-Timothy_Nguyen-20190921 (15 of 41)Teacher Farinaz Lari. Credit: Timothy Nguyen

My favourite Movement by NM series was Kickboxing with Farinaz Lari. She's the first Iranian and Canadian woman to win the WAKO world kickboxing championship. A skilled kickboxer and great teacher, Lari broke down the basics, gave time to practice and included conditioning sets. The 20-ish-minute foundational classes went by so fast, my partner and I kept returning to learn more.

If you want something longer and more challenging, there are 25- and 30-minute classes. The main categories/disciplines are yoga, strength, dance, movement, HIIT and combat. The newest series, called In the Mood, allows you to select your class based on how you feel.



Movement by NM teacher Dom TermansenTeacher Dom Termansen

This past month, my biggest gain has been increased flexibility and mobility during a time of year I find myself sitting far too often. I'm planning to continue using Movement by NM for my at-home workouts this winter in addition to in-person fitness classes and exercising at the gym. 

If you work from home, dislike gyms, want to add some small movements to your day or are looking to get ready for the upcoming summer hiking season, Movement by NM might be a good choice for you.


Note: Movement by NM was supplied to the author for testing. Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.