Janet Trepanier/ Trepanier Originals
Credit: Janet Trepanier/ Trepanier Originals

Canadian painter Cory Trépanier brings the High Arctic to the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C. with his eight-foot wide Glacierside painting.

During a week in Washington D.C., renowned Canadian artist and Arctic explorer Cory Trépanier shared Canada's North with Canadian ambassadors to the U.S., museum directors, U.S. senators and the Secretary of the Interior.

The timing is appropriate, as this spring Canada prepares to pass along the chairmanship of the Arctic Council to the U.S.

In addition to seeing Glacierside installed at the Embassy for the next year, Trépanier was there to explore the idea of bringing the Arctic to Washington on a larger scale in 2017 with Into The Arctic, his forthcoming North American Travelling Museum Exhibition. In this exhibition, Glacierside will be joined by more than 50 of Trépanier's paintings from the furthest reaches of Canada's north, and by his Arctic films, maps and more.

Almost a decade ago, the artist/filmmaker began his Into The Arctic project with the unique goal of creating an "unprecedented collection" of original oil paintings from the Canadian Arctic.

To accomplish this, Trépanier undertook three Arctic painting/filming expeditions, painting many landscapes that have never been captured on canvas before. Two films have resulted from his journeys as well, with Into The Arctic II being nominated for a Canadian Screen Award.

Now, visitors to the Canadian Embassy will be seized by the stark beauty of this majestic land through Trépanier's passionate brushstrokes. On display until February 2016, Glacierside is accompanied by the small oil study begun on location, and visiting dignitaries to the Arctic Room will receive copies of Into The Arctic II.

Trépanier is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and member of the Explorer’s Club.

Keegan Bursaw / Embassy of Canada
Credit: Keegan Bursaw / Embassy of Canada