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Entry deadline Oct 1, 2022

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If you know someone who might enjoy reading Explore magazine, we want to send a print issue to them.

It's totally free to you—and them. We'll even cover the postage!

(Quantities are limited to just 200 though!)

If you know someone who enjoys the outdoors, simply enter their name and address below and we'll send them a free copy! No catch and no cost to anyone!


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Terms & Conditions

Gift-a-mag only can only be sent by existing Explore print magazine subscribers, inclusive of Live The Adventure Club subscribers.

Your subscription must be active and account in good standing. We require complete contact information for your giftee: First name, last name, mailing address, email and phone number (for shipping purposes only).

If recipient email and phone number is unknown, you may enter the sender's email/phone. This information is only for undeliverable shipments.

Open only to Canadian recipients.

Free magazines will be delivered to all recipients in October.

We will not solicit your giftee, but we will include with the magazine an insert with a discount code for any new subscriptions.

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