Axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing new sports in North America. On June 13th, throwers around the world will celebrate International Axe Throwing Day.

Not long ago, axe throwing was confined to low-key backyard competitions between friends. But in the last 10 years, axe throwing has become an international phenomenon. From its birthplace in Canada, axe throwing has caught on far and wide, from Bangkok to Sydney and Warsaw to Rio de Janeiro. Clearly, people are catching on to the addictive adrenaline rush of axe throwing.

So what is that makes this lumberjack pastime so appealing? According to those in the know, the satisfying thud of the axe into the wood, the thrill of making the bullseye in the heat of competition and (of course) the friendships formed through a shared appreciation of throwing sharp objects around.

photoForged Axe Throwing

Most explorers discover axe throwing through a trip to one of the many urban venues. The alternative sport has even become a leading bachelorette party ideas. Female throwers often outweigh their male equivalents, and many women have championed the sport’s ability to empower.

Axe throwing is a serious sport, too, with national and international competitions building lofty Olympic ambitions. Despite a $20,000 prize pot at events such as the National Axe Throwing Championships in Toronto, you won’t hear trash talk or tension between competitors. While competition is fierce, camaraderie among the timber sport community is seemingly unrivalled.

To encourage as many people to take part as possible, axe throwing venues across Canada and the USA are offering free axe throwing on International Axe Throwing Day. Whistler’s Forged Axe Throwing is just one venue hosting an open house. They're using the day to support local charities and raise awareness around the issue of mental health.

photoForged Axe Throwing

From its roots, axe throwing has always been a great way to spend more time hanging out with friends. It’s fun, accessible and inclusive.

“As well as showing our regulars and first-timers a good time on June 13th, we also wanted to use the day to give back to our community. It’s important to encourage more people to talk about mental health. Here at Forged, we are always keen to bring different communities together and promote inclusivity. The open house, like our local’s league, will be a good opportunity to bring people together and have fun, while supporting Zero Ceiling and Whistler Community Services Society,” says James Anderson, co-owner of Forged.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an axe-throwing virgin, International Axe Throwing Day is the perfect excuse to grab a hatchet, hurl it at a target and see what happens. At best, you could be the sport’s future Olympian. At worst, you may just make new friends and discover your new favourite thing.

photoForged Axe Throwing