Province of British ColumbiaFlickr/Province of British ColumbiaOutdoor enthusiasts rejoice! Earlier this afternoon the Province of BC revealed the BC Parks Future Strategy. It outlines a $22.9 million investment over the next five years. And where will funds go? 

  • The addition of 1,900+ campsites (800 in provincial parks and over 1,000 in recreation sites)
  • Hiring additional park rangers to enhance conservation
  • Improving services for persons with disabilities
  • Launching a new BC Parks Foundation so community groups, businesses and individuals can voice park priorities.

Premier Christy Clark says: “BC Parks define who we are as British Columbians and are a vital part of the B.C. advantage. Protecting our world-class parks for future generations ensures we continue to attract global attention through tourism, investment and research, as we honour our natural history and as families create lasting memories together.”

Flickr/Province of British ColumbiaFlickr/Province of British Columbia


Other programs are also being established within the BC Parks Future Strategy to give individuals the opportunity and choice to support BC Parks. This includes dedicated BC Parks licence plates, where proceeds will be reinvested into provincial parks. In partnership with ICBC, the design of the new plates will be unveiled and available for purchase in the coming weeks.

  • B.C.’s provincial parks receive more than 21 million visits each year.
  • There are 10,700 campsites in 270 B.C. park front-country campgrounds and 2,000 backcountry campsites.
  • There are 10,400 campsites in 1,500 recreation sites.
  • Parking is free in all provincial parks, making them more accessible to families.
  • BC Parks manages the third largest parks system in North America behind the United States’ National Park Service and Parks Canada.
 Read the BC Parks Future Strategy here.