Winter is the perfect time to get outdoors, absorb picturesque views, embark on cozy camping expeditions and embrace the thrill of winter sports. With the change in seasons comes opportunities to ensure that you have all your adventure assets in check, and Canadian power solution supplier BLUETTI has just introduced a game-changing innovation to power your outdoor explorations.

Introducing your new favourite adventure buddy…

The AC70: Your Mobile Powerhouse

The AC70 is the perfect outdoor expedition gear item to fuel your adventures and power up your appliances. With a capacity of 768Wh and continuous output of 1,000W (a significant upgrade from its precursor, the EB70S), the AC70 charges faster and has an onboard charger that allows you to charge the unit directly from a wall outlet without the need for an adapter. It’s the perfect go-to backup energy source no matter where your adventures take you, transmitting power to a variety of appliances from refrigerators to coffee makers and even high inductive load devices that typically draw 2,000W like mini kettles, hairdryers and small power tools.

This versatile outdoor generator boasts flexibility in charging options and speed, going from 0 to 80 per cent in just 45 minutes and achieving a full charge in just 1.5 hours via 850W AC charging. BLUETTI’s commitment to sustainability and green energy solutions shines through with the ability to solar charge the AC70 in just two hours with optimal sunshine.

Allowing you to keep track on the go, the status of this generator can be monitored and managed via Bluetooth on the BLUETTI app, where you can check charge and discharge levels, battery percentage and other features in real time. Adjust settings like Power Lifting mode (for heavy-duty requirements) and ECO mode to conserve energy when not in use.

Fuelling Your Adventures

Picture yourself amidst the breathtaking vistas of a snowy hike, the serenity of a cold-weather camping trip or the adrenaline rush of winter sports like cross-country skiing and backcountry snowshoeing. Getting out in the wilderness can be much cozier and safer with the AC70 outdoor generator, your reliable power source to enhance and support your adventures.


Hiking Haven

Embarking on a winter hike, you're surrounded by nature's serene backdrop of snow-draped mountains and frozen lakes, but as temperatures drop you are bound to get a little chilly on the trail. Reward your efforts with the AC70—back at the trailhead, use it to brew yourself a warm cup of coffee, tea, cuddle in a heated blanket or charge any devices from phones to GPS.

Camp in Comfort

For those who crave the remoteness of camping but still love the cozy comforts of home, the AC70 is your ultimate sidekick. Enjoy a home-cooked meal from your AC70-powered slow cooker and refrigerator, and keep your hair dry and feeling your best by powering your hairdryer or other tools. Relish the tranquillity of the wild without sacrificing modern comforts.

Winter Wonderland

Winter sports enthusiasts, listen up. Whether you're shredding the slopes or enjoying a snow-covered getaway, the AC70 ensures you stay connected and safe. Easily handling long road trips and emergency backup scenarios, you can power up your heated appliances and even enjoy a hot meal between runs. The AC70 turns chilly adventures into cozy experiences.

Early Bird Gets the Power

Debuting at just $679, the AC70 portable generator by BLUETTI hit the market on November 17. Explore readers can use the discount code explore20 to save $20, valid from now until November 27, 2023.


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