BC has bought land to expand five of its provincial parks. This initiative will assist in conserving natural spaces and promoting sustainability. 


British Columbia is embarking on a significant initiative to expand the footprint of five provincial parks, aiming to boost recreational opportunities and safeguard vital ecosystems. According to CBC, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy revealed that the province has acquired a total of 109 hectares of land, valued at $1.9 million, to facilitate the expansion.

Environment Minister George Heyman emphasized the government's commitment to acquiring ecologically and culturally significant land for conservation, ensuring both environmental protection and public enjoyment.

"Acquiring these lands enhances protection of important ecosystems and wildlife habitat and improves access to outdoor recreation experiences,” said Heyman.

The acquisitions include a 64-hectare addition within an old-growth forest on Haida Gwaii, reserved for inclusion in Naikoon Park. Other expansions span diverse landscapes, such as wetlands and second-growth forest in Wells Gray Park, a popular swimming area in Gladstone Park, a forested hillside renowned for its canoe circuit in Bowron Lake Park and a strategic 0.15-hectare addition in Mount Pope Park.

These are noteworthy contributions to the preservation of important ecosystems and wildlife areas, demonstrating a commitment to safeguard diverse natural landscapes.Unsplash

According to Global News, the BC Parks Foundation played a pivotal role in facilitating these acquisitions. The province said it consulted with local First Nations before legally establishing the lands as parks. This move contributes to British Columbia's broader commitment, with over 14 million hectares, or approximately 14.4 per cent of the land base, dedicated to provincial parks, recreation areas, conservancies, ecological reserves and protected areas.

Projects like these are important to strike the balance between conservation and recreational use. As explore readers, we know you want to get out and experience the beauty of these natural areas.


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