Pismo Beach Surf
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

Located along California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway, on the southern Central Coast, Pismo Beach could be the perfect surf town.

Unassuming and laid-back, rich with retro charm and full of active adventure, Pismo Beach is quintessential coastal California. Here are eight reasons to check out Pismo Beach:

Pismo Surf Shop
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

1. The Surf

This is the backbone of Pismo Beach—and anyone can do it, thanks to a vast shore-break that has areas for both newbies and advanced shredders. There are seven surf shops in town—or rent a board and wetsuit right at the pier. (SUP and sea-kayaking are also popular.)

Pismo Cycle
Credit: David Webb

2. Cycling

Beach cruisers were built for Pismo. Rental shops are found on just about every block—expect to pay less than $10 per hour for a classic single-speed cruiser. Then take to the sands—that’s what these bikes were meant for. (For real cycle-touring, more regional options abound—including wine-tours by bike!)

Pismo Dogs
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

3. Dogs

Bring Fido. Pismo Beach is a pup-friendly location, which for many Pet Parents, is reason enough to come. Sunrise dog-jogs on expansive Pismo State Beach? Sounds good to us.

Pismo Fishing
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

4. Fishing

You don’t need a licence to sportfish from Pismo Pier. And onsite, affordable equipment rentals make angling for red snapper or lingcod fun and easy. Bonus—stay at Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa and cook your catch in an in-suite kitchenette, served alongside fresh greens from the Pismo Beach Farmers Market.

Pismo Pelican
Credit: David Webb

5. Pelicans

Because they’re funny.

Pismo Wine
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

6. Wine

Do we really need to elaborate? There are 24 premium wineries within a 30-minute drive of the beach, and three tasting rooms downtown. Central California is the largest wine producing region in the state—noted for quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Pismo Horseback
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

7. The Coast

Yes, the waves are amazing. But 400-hectare Pismo State Beach is an idyllic getaway for all tastes—take a surfboard or just a good book. At its south end, Oceano Dunes SRVA is a nine-kilometre stretch of shifting, golden sands that draws in ATV'ers—as well as those searching for quieter pursuits (outside of the motorized zone), like horseback riding, bird-watching and swimming. Campsite on location.

Pismo Sunset
Credit: Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau

8. This.

Find out more at classiccalifornia.com.

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