Getting the kids motivated for a hike in the great outdoors is easy when an ocean view is guaranteed from every vantage point. Whether it’s a mini wildlife safari with the littles or great oceanside adventures with teens, these eight accessible family-friendly hiking trails near Halifax offer the whole family time to reconnect in nature.

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Long Lake Provincial Park

Length: 5 km

The well-groomed loop trail within Long Lake Provincial Park is a great urban walk. It passes through a pretty birch forest and some unique geology. Kids will enjoy dipping their toes (and bodies) into the refreshing lake water on a hot summer’s day.

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Belchers Marsh Park

Length: 1 km

The kids will enjoy walking through this unique ecosystem that’s right on the edge of town. A short 20-minute walk offers easy access to nature in the city, revealing a marshy lake, bird life and duck habitats. Benches are sprinkled around the park, great for a snack stop while listening to the birds.

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Frog Pond Park

Length: 1.4 km

This is a picturesque, quiet place for a short walk around the pond in search of wildlife like ducks, squirrels and the namesake frogs. The level main trail is stroller friendly. It connects to Fleming Park and the Halifax Recreation Adventure Earth Centre, where kids can enjoy a variety of nature education programs.

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Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve

Length: 2 km

This quick getaway from the city offers a loop trail with scenic coastal views and minimal elevation. It’s a great hike for kids who want to (carefully) hop along the rocky shoreline and for families seeking photo-opts with a perfect aquamarine background.

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Point Pleasant Park

Length: 3.5 km

Take the kids on a walk at one of Halifax’s favourite urban parks. The dog-friendly trail is an easy loop in this popular park, just a stone’s throw from the south end of Halifax. Don’t miss the large Sailor’s Memorial or the Martello Tower, the oldest tower in North America.

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Polly's Cove Hiking Trail

Length: Varies

This hiking path is a little further from town but well worth the trip for its coastal views that are similar to Peggy’s Cove, but without the crowds. There are a couple looping trails to choose from, and lots of larger rocks to climb around along the way for the older kids. Remember to stay far back from the waves and stick to designated areas. Wear sturdy shoes and bring binoculars for wildlife spotting.

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Salt Marsh Trail

Length: 9 km linear

Breathe in the salty air and enjoy the stunning views along this popular oceanside walk that is also part of Canada’s “Great Trail” system. The former railway trail is flat and linear, but quite long, so with kiddos it may be best to walk about halfway and loop back home. Keep on the lookout for great blue herons and other birdlife.

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The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail

Length: Varies

For those up for a longer day hiking challenge, the Bluff Trail has four looping trails to choose from in this wilderness area. You can choose your distance from the trailhead, from trails of six kilometres to nearly 29 kilometres in length. Prepare for rock-hopping, elevation gains and lakeside meanders along the way. Wear solid hiking shoes or boots, and pack a lunch and plenty of water.

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