Some of our picks for the best apps to have in the wild

An iPhone application (or "app") is a little program that has been created with a specific task in mind—info sharing, mapping, communicating, finance, list making, or just fun stuff like Creepy Campfire Stories. There are more than 40,000 apps, many of them free, but some cost a few dollars to download. You download apps from the iTunes Store and then run them off your iPhone or iPod Touch.

BlackBerry has recently launched their own app store. Just as PC has been seen as for "suits" and Mac is seen as for "creative types," the BlackBerry vs. iPhone user profile seems to have settled into two similar camps respectively.

North Woods Scat Guide
Toilet humour for the great outdoors. Get up close and personal with the deposits of common North American animals including moose, bobcat and wild turkey. It's a very simple interface with basic info, but hey, how much more do you need to confirm that a bear has indeed, sh*t in the woods?

iSki Trail Maps
Say goodbye to crinkled maps that blow away at the top of the peak while you are trying to find your way to the nearest Beaver Tails hut. Worth every penny, this app has maps for resorts both big (Whistler, Fernie, Mont Tremblant) and small (Chicopee) in North America, Europe, and even the southern hemisphere. The zoom-in/zoom-out maps are versions of the actual trail map provided at the resort and are updated annually.

Journey Cast
Helpful? Or a bit too Big Brother for your liking? This app allows you to share your location with family and friends when out in the wilderness or stuck in the urban jungle. You simply post your current location and then send an e-mail with a link to those people you want to have follow your journey. The link connects to a Google map that is updated as you go along your merry way. Requires a 3G connection, so if you're going into the backcountry with dubious cell service, it's safer to rely on a real satellite tracking system.

Oakley Surf Report — free
With minimal branding, Oakley manages to deliver a truly useful app for sourcing surf stats on points all over the world, including Canada's coasts. It includes a weather forecast, wave conditions, water temperature, tides, sunrise/set, and their recommendations for best conditions. You can also link to an online community that features a news feed, photos, and some really rad videos!

MTB Grub — free
Mountain Bike Grub, along with affiliated apps for cycling, skating and BMX, provides links to race results and team stats, magazines, industry news and blogs by athletes.

Timmyme - free
Essential for any traveller. When you are craving a double-double, this free app gets you the 411… stat.