There are some awesome products out there that make backcountry and outdoor adventuring easier, more accessible and more enjoyable. Entrepreneurs are still working to figure out the best ways to stay warm and dry, to keep clean and to transport equipment more easily.

For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a fundraising platform that invites anyone and everyone to showcase their creativity. While many projects never lift off the ground, some manage to raise over 3,000 times their budget!

The 5 projects below are currently on-going—but not for long. Incentives to “back” the project include discounted products that will (hopefully) hit the shelves soon. Have no fear—if they don’t meet their target, your pledged funds are never touched. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re intrigued by any of these awesome wilderness ideas, back them now:


1. Epic Wipes


It was Tofino, circa May 2016. I had just finished a surf and my skin was sticky and tingling from the salt water. We hiked through muddy marshes to the crash-landing site of the U.S. Bomber. We carried all of our bags, tent and firewood included, to the rainforest behind a secluded beach to camp. I was dirty. I was smelly. All I wanted was a shower, and out in the wilderness, near the salty ocean, there was no way I was getting that.

If only I had had an Epic Wipe…


Epic WipesEpic Wipes


At 31.5 inches by 19.7 inches, these massive “Showers to-go” fit in your back pocket. Not only do they cleanse and deodorize, they do it with natural products, including bamboo and chamomile. Seriously portable, ridiculously practical, and even 100% biodegradable, I can’t wait to try these bad-boys out.

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2. Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Onesi sleeping bagRavean


This product by Ravean—makers of the self-heating jacket—has already surpassed the initial fund-raising goal by over $100,000.

Backers can still reap some sweet rewards, such as battery packs and one of two awesome sleeping bag liner designs.


Sleeping bagRavean


The first design is a typical mummy-style sleeping bag liner, with a battery at the bottom that supplies heat to the chest and feet area. The second is a hybrid. The top is designed after their heated jacket, with a toasty hood and sleeves. The bottom of the bag is a long tube that can be cinched below the feet for sleeping or cinched higher for walking around the campsite. This is the ultimate camping onesie.

It’s also available in camo, if you want to get fancy.

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3. SlapSee Sunglasses


Remember those super cool slap bracelets from the 90s?

SlapSee has transformed them into un-loseable sunglasses.

The hinged nose bridge allows the frames to be turned into each other, while the stainless steel bands are rigid enough to bend and snap around your wrist, steering wheel, bike or practically anything else. When wearing the sunglasses, a unique feature allows you to “click” the sides into place behind your ears, ensuring they won’t fall off while you’re hiking, paddle boarding, boating or wake surfing.

The lenses are polarized and equipped with the highest UV protection possible. While they may look slightly ridiculous, that’s all part of their charm.

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4. Zip Shorts

Zippin girlVegard Breie


Northern Playground specializes in zip-on, zip-off layers that make controlling body temperature a breeze. Think of button-up pants that athletes rip off before a game, and translate that to your base layers anytime you're skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing or basically any other time you’re outside and needing to shed a layer quickly to keep going.


Zipshorts sailingTorbjørn Buvarp

This Kickstarter campaign is for their latest project, which came to life in the interest of cold, wet butts: Padded Zipshorts. A removable water-repellent Ariaprene insert keeps your bum comfy and dry when sitting. The shorts are made of high-quality fleece and feature the side-zippers that Northern Playground is known for for quick removal. Most importantly, butts can now remain warm, dry and happy.

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5. The Hammbag

Sleeping in hammocks is a popular outdoors trend with a lot of appeal, but limited functionality. This 3-in-1 hammock, backpack and towel takes “lazing between trees” to a whole new level.

The canvas exterior is durable, while the towel interior is soft and spongey. It can fold up into a backpack to function as a day-pack which can fit 5 full-sized laptops. When unfolded, there is a pillow pocket and a side pocket to store your keys, wallet and waterbottle.

Whether your adventure only takes you down to the beach, or way out into the backcountry, you’re probably going to want a towel, waterbottle and daypack with you. Throw in a place to sleep, and you’re set!

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Unfortunately, the Hammbag is the perfect example of what happens when Kickstarter goals are not met. Dyl and Tom are moving their funding platform to Indiegogo to give it another go. Other popular platforms similar to Kickstarter include GoFundMe and Ideavibes.

Best of luck in the future, boys!