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My hiking boots are looking rough. After years of use in the mountains, scrambling and hiking through varied, tough terrain, its no wonder they’re full of tears and the tread is wearing down. Although they used to be comfortable, my feet are starting to feel sore after a long hike.

It’s high time they are replaced. Cue the rabbit hole of boot research.

Luckily, SAIL offers a variety of great choices. It’s just a matter of narrowing down to a shorter list (which we’ve done) and choosing five of the best hiking boots you can buy at SAIL.


Merrell Moab III

Merrell Moab

These are some of the best-selling hiking boots out there. Combine the excellent reviews on both SAIL and Merrell’s website with the reasonable price, and this is a no-brainer. Featuring ultimate comfort, good grip, traction, stability and lightweight design, the Merrell Moab 3 is perfect for walking, hiking, biking and more. Plus, thanks to the waterproof but breathable membrane and medium cushioning, you can wear these in any season. They are also available in wide.


LOWA Renegade

Lowa renegade

Good tread is essential for many of the hikes I do, especially when I’m carrying my baby and a pack, and these boots deliver. With Gore-Tex waterproofing, temperature regulation, stability thanks to a nylon joint stabilization element, good cushioning and durability, the LOWA Renegade is perfect for a variety of terrains and weather conditions. Unsurprisingly, these boots have garnered perfect reviews on SAIL’s website and on our own, so we’re convinced. If you wear the sole down on rugged hikes, you can send them to LOWA’s handy resoling service. These boots are also available in wide.


KEEN Pyrenees


When I imagine a pair of leather hiking boots, I picture sweaty, hot, itchy feet. However, though KEEN's Pyrenees are completely waterproofed and made of leather, they are still breathable thanks to KEEN’s signature KEEN.DRY membrane. If you’re looking for a durable boot with good arch support, this European style boot delivers. I like the minimal seams, which is where a lot of boots end up breaking. They have good reviews on the website as well and are worth checking out.


KEEN Targhee III

KEEN Targhee

Great traction, support and stability while being lightweight and waterproof make this boot a definite contender. The KEEN Targhee III looks like a rugged boot built for both rugged and tame places, which is the perfect mix for the type of outdoor adventures many of us do. It also features that KEEN.DRY membrane that’ll keep your feet dry and allow them to breathe like the boots listed above. If you struggle with taking your boots off in the tent or vehicle after a long slog because you dread the feet stink, these boots have odour control that are a game-changer for feel confident enough to relax barefoot post-hike. These boots are also available in wide.


Zamberland Vioz

These boots don’t only look tough, they are super durable and will last for a long time. Downhill treks are not an issue in the Vioz, with superior grip and a fit that helps keep your toes from getting smashed in the front of the boot while braking on your way down. They’re waterproof yet breathable, designed to wick moisture from around the ankle and are flexible but supportive laterally. These might be a little over the top for a regular walk, but are perfect for steep rugged trails, allowing you to cut into scree and dirt slopes with ease. These boots are also available in wide.

The boot that will best fit your needs depends on what types of adventures you go on, and what your feet need. Based on your parameters, which ones would you go for?


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