I don’t know about you, but I get hungry on outdoor adventures. And when my stomach is rumbling, I’m not on my A-game. (I’m also not the most pleasant person to be around – just ask my adventure partner.)

To prevent this problem, I stash my backpack full of non-perishable snacks and quick, easy fuel to keep me going whenever my tummy starts to turn. Here are five of the edible treats floating in my bag right now:


1. Bounce Energy Balls

BounceBounce Energy Balls

These bite-sized balls are packed with good stuff. With slow-releasing nutrients and between 8 and 14 grams of whey protein each, these portable snacks give me the extra boost I need to complete my outdoor activity. Plus, they’re kosher, vegetarian, wheat-free and gluten-free.


2. Purica Power Vegan Protein

 PuricaAlison Karlene Hodgins

These super convenient, slim 20 g pouches contain 800 mg of organic and micronized Chaga mushrooms. In the flavours of chocolate and vanilla, this protein powder gets its kick from fermented pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice and a ProHydrolate enzyme blend. Simply pour it into your water bottle, shake, and refuel.


3. Great Bear Paleo Bites

great bearThe Celiac Scene

Even though I don’t have dietary restrictions, I love when companies cater to them—it’s such an important way to be inclusive. (And now, I can share my snacks! Haha, just kidding... I'm eating them all.) Great Bear Paleo Bites are paleo-friendly, gluten-free and vegan.


4. 52 North Birch Water (Raspberry)

birchAlison Karlene Hodgins

Thirst-quench, detoxifying and refreshing, this non-GMO, naturally organic hand-tapped birch water is more delicious than any juice I’ve ever drunk. Plus, it feels cool to be sipping straight from trees in British Columbia.


5. Good To-Go Foods

GTGBrian Threlkeld

Sometimes I need more than just a snack, and that’s when I turn to Good-to-Go. For early morning adventures, there’s Granola with whole grains oats, figs, blueberries and almonds for breakfast. Later in the day calls for Thai Curry with vegetables and jasmine rice or a Mexican Quinoa Bowl with butternut squash and black beans. Just add water!



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