Considered by many travellers to be the home of Canada’s greatest wild river, Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories brings a whole new meaning to the term “untouched wilderness.” The park is vast, pristine and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Serpentine aquamarine rivers cut through ancient valleys and meander between walls of breathtaking granite mountains. Nahanni National Park Reserve's beauty unfolds beneath you during a flightseeing tour which can only be described as a transformative experience that'll have you asking "is this real?" more times than you can count. If that's not reason enough to pencil it in on your bucket list ASAP, here are five other reasons that build a case for you to visit this unforgettable landscape:

The Experience

photoCirque of the Unclimbables - Fritz Mueller, Parks Canada

If you're an adventurer, there aren't many experiences as life changing as this one. The views really are that gorgeous. You'll be in awe of the natural world as you soar over the Ram Plateau, zoom by the Cirque of the Unclimbables and glide through breathtaking valleys carved by the South Nahanni River. It'll awaken your senses, revive your spirits and fulfill your wishes for a trip you'll never forget.


The Bragging Rights and the EPIC Pictures

photoDrumming at Náįlįcho, Nahanni National Park Reserve - Jordan Odney, Parks Canada

A flightseeing tour brings your dream of seeing a fly-in only park like Nahanni to reality. Only around 1,000 people visit Nahanni National Park Reserve each year, so you'll be in an exclusive club of nature lovers who have experienced this unparalleled northern wilderness oasis. As you dash across the landscape in a bush plane and touch down to feel the spray of one of Canada's most spectacular waterfalls, Náįlįcho, the pics you snap along the way will forever be a reminder of your remarkable bucket list trip. The great social media posts that’ll come out of it are just a plus, right?


You’re Guaranteed a Window Seat!

photoFlightseeing Tour in Nahanni NPR - Fritz Mueller, Parks Canada

Worrying you'll miss out on amazing views if you don't get your choice of seats? Flying into Nahanni National Park Reserve is an experience in and of itself—you're guaranteed the best seat in the house thanks to the bush planes that carry visitors into the park. The views are so spectacular that by the time you reach the magnificent Náįlįcho, you'll have forgotten seeing the majestic falls was the main event!

The Cultural Immersion

photoCultural Interpretation at Náįlįcho - Fritz Mueller, Parks Canada

You'll be welcomed to the land by the Dehcho First Nations, whose ancestors have called Nahʔą Dehé home for untold centuries. Here, you'll find out how the Dene live in harmony with the land. There's a use for and a gift in everything. Learn from a Parks Canada interpreter which plants are used to heal and how the Dene have used the South Nahanni River as a highway for centuries in boats made of moose hide.

Your Brain Will Thank You!

photoNáįlįcho, Nahanni National Park Reserve - Jordan Odney, Parks CanadaYou'll take an unforgettable journey into nature without the crowds and noise of southern cities, and your brain and body will thank you. Studies have shown that nature can be meditative, with claims made that more time outside could mean reduced stress and an increase in relaxation, a sense of purpose and reconnection to the world.

For an extended day-flight experience, choose the 12-hour day flight option, which includes a stop off at Nahanni's stunning Glacier Lake, nestled snug next to the Cirque of the Unclimbables, part of the park's spectacular Ragged Range.


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Nahanni National Park Reserve (Nahʔą Dehé) is a gorgeous northern wilderness that remains mostly untouched by humanity—truly one of the world's last frontiers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and at its heart lies the South Nahanni River, a Canadian Heritage River. To learn more about Nahanni, please visit: