Are you going camping this summer?

A solid camping checklist will cover your basic needs: tent, tarp, sleeping bag… but what about those extra items? Those small but crucial pieces that elevate your camping experience, bring you extra comfort, and make staying in the forest that much more enjoyable?

Here are four items that you’ll want the next time you find yourself on an overnight trip in nature.


Mosquito Zapper

Spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones, because you won’t be running for the tent to escape the bugs! This mosquito zapper lantern features Ultraviolet LEDs that attract and kill mosquitoes, keeping them away from your campsite for a blissful, bug-free weekend in the Great Outdoors.

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Plus, it doubles as a lantern for when the sun goes down. Easy and effective with no harmful chemicals or dangerous candles, this lantern will keep your fellow campers calm and happy. Best of all, it’s portable and rechargeable, so you never have to spend another night at the campsite hiding from bugs or uselessly swatting the air again!

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Collapsible Bucket

Go on more spontaneous adventures, like fishing, berry picking and having a meal around a campfire, by keeping this collapsible bucket stored in your adventure vehicle. It serves multiple needs: it can safely hold water for dishes or putting out the campfire; carry strawberries or cherries when you go foraging; transport live bait or hold fish you’ve caught!

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It collapses down when you don’t need it and is extremely handy when you do need a bucket. Why not have it on hand so you’re always ready for the next adventure?

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Camping Hammock

You’ll be the hero of the campsite (and the envy of your friends) when you string up this outdoor couch! Become a lightweight camper and set up wherever you want to sleep. This hammock is also a great makeshift spot to just relax during the day.

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Tie it between trees or posts to make a little bed in the wilderness. It can hold up to 350 pounds (160 kilograms).

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Portable Kitchen

Finally, you’ll deserve the title of “camp cook master” when you have everything you need for camp cooking. Pots and pans, an ultralight canister stove, two sets of utensils and a copy of The New Trailside Cookbook make meal planning a breeze.

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Packing the camp kitchen and deciding what to cook is now effortless… and the smiles on your family’s faces are priceless.

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