If you want to battle crowds at the mall or rack up debt online shopping today, go for it. But if you’d rather enjoy your day off, get some fresh air and stretch your muscles, here are three winter activities that are better than shopping.


1. Go snowshoeing


Downhill ski hills and resorts might be closed for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean snowy trails are off limits! Buckle on your snowshoes and explore empty mountain trails.

Alternatively, you can lace up your skates and spin down a frozen lake, pond or river; grab your skins and hit the backcountry; or go forest bathing for some much-needed peace (and a distinct lack of obnoxious “SALE!!” signs).


2. Hit up a local sledding hill


Holidays give us the opportunity to spend time together with friends and family. If you’ve got kiddos in your group—or just want to act like one—grab a crazy carpet, wooden toboggan or saucer and dash to the nearest snow-covered hill. Not only will you have a blast sliding down with your loved ones, you’ll also get some exercise running up the hill to do it all again!

More fun ways to play in the snow: build a snowman, host a snow fort competition or have a snowball fight.


3. Test out new gear


Did you receive new gear items for Christmas? Don’t give them any time to collect dust on the shelf—get outside and start learning how to use them now. The wilderness will be devoid of adventurers that chose to hunt down deals, so you get the pristine views all to yourself. If the weather is really terrible, take the day to plan new adventures for 2020.

No new gear AND bad weather? Spend the afternoon airing out last season’s tent, organizing your adventure equipment (before buying more) and washing your sleeping bag, which (if you’re anything like me) you stuffed in its sack after your last camping trip… six months ago. Oops.


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