There's a good reason dogs are nicknamed "man's best friend." Dogs are truly the best hiking partners! Explore what the outdoors has to offer with Fido by your side. Check out these 20 dog-friendly trails and parks near Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg.

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1. Assiniboine Park Loop

Length: 3.9 km

Off-Leash? No

This customizable trail is perfect for those looking for a nature escape within the city. The main loop trail is just under 4 km. However, there are many different pathways along the way you can take if you feel like going for a longer walk. Assiniboine Park has several flower gardens and woodsy pathways, making you forget that you're in the heart of the city.

2. Wild Grape and Elm Trail

Length: 5.3 km

Off-Leash? No

A quick drive from downtown Winnipeg brings you into the heart of Beaudry Provincial Park. Although there are several trails to choose from in this Park, Wild Grape and Elm are two of the most popular hikes. Along with beautiful views of the Assiniboine River, a lot of wildflowers also thrive in this area.

3. Oak Trail

Length: 2 km

Off-Leash? No

Treat your dog to a walk in the woods. Featuring some of the largest basswood, cottonwood and maple trees in the area, this hike is a popular choice for locals. Wander along the bank of the Assiniboine River on this moderate trail perfect for dogs of all fitness levels, as long as they're on a leash.

4. Rainbow Falls

Length: 8 km

Off-Leash? No

As you may have guessed from the name, the Rainbow Falls Trail features a waterfall. Starting at Jessica Lake Lodge, take Fido climbing over small rock ridges and through thick forests to reach this beautiful sight.

5. Carriageway Trail

Length: 7.5 km

Off-Leash? No

Just a quick drive out of Winnipeg lies Birds Hill Provincial Park. If your dog gets along well with horses, take the Carriageway Trail. Visitors can also walk along the lake, which is a perfect spot for your furry friend to cool down on a hot summer day. Keep an eye out for wildflowers, as many bloom along the trail.

photoRobert Linsdell Flickr cc by 2.0

6. Lakeview Trail

Length: 5.8 km

Off-Leash? No

Is it too obvious to say you can expect lake views along Lakeview Trail? This is another hike that lets you escape the hectic hustle and bustle of downtown Winnipeg without driving too far. Take your four-legged best friend along this loop trail in Birds Hill Provincial Park to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

7. Pine Ridge Trail

Length: 2.4 km

Off-Leash? No

Go back in time with Pine Ridge Trail. Learn a bit about the history of the former residents of Pine Ridge as you pass the old buildings in the area. While you’re learning and reminiscing, Fido will be loving the sights and smells of the birch groves and wet marshes.

8. Transcona Trail

Length: 6.7 km

Off-Leash? No

If you’re looking for a longer hike, the Transcona Trail is a multi-use trail on the edge of the city. The pathway follows several hydro lines and the Central Manitoba rail line. The majority of the trail is level, perfect for hikers and dogs of all skill levels.

9. Horse Pond Trial

Length: 1.1 km

Off-Leash? No

Take a stroll alongside the lake on this short and easy trail within the city. Featuring tall grass and wetlands, this spot often hosts a lot of Canadian wildlife to admire such as geese, ducks, deer and the occasional jumping fish.

10. Seine River South Trail

Length: 3.7 km

Off-Leash? No

Another trail that is ideal for any sized dog, the Seine River South Trail is an easy and short hike. This trail follows the Seine River, offering stunning views of the waters and it flows past you. Easily accessible, this trail is the perfect choice for those looking to get lost in nature without having to travel far.

photoRoman Belenya Flickr cc by 2.0

11. King’s Park

Length: Varies

Off-Leash? Yes

If you’re looking for a picturesque setting within the city, King’s Park in southern Winnipeg is said to be a bit of a hidden gem within the city. Choose either the large off-leash dog park or leash up Fido and take him along the pathway. With a large pond, labryinth and Chinese pagoda gardens this is the perfect way to escape the city and enjoy a bit of nature.

12. Black Lake Trail

Length: up to 10 km

Off-Leash? No

Take your pooch to Nopiming Provincial Park to explore the Black Lake Trail. With several different entrances all starting at the Black Lake campsite, this longer hike is a great choice for those looking to work out their active dogs. Hike all the way to Black River and back for a full day of exploring.

13. Maple Grove Dog Park

Length: Varies

Off-Leash? Yes

Let your puppy run free in the wide open spaces of Maple Grove, an off-leash dog park. With pathways leading through thick green woods, you can hide in the shade on warm days while Fido makes some new friends. This park also features a river.

14. Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area

Length: 7.5 km

Off-Leash? Yes

Take your pick of three different loops within Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area. All on an easy terrain, we recommend the 7.5-km trail. Wander within the aspen and oak trees on Brandon Hill’s slopes and see if you can spot some wildlife. Be careful if you take your dog off-leash, as this is a popular route for mountain bikers as well.

15. Pinawa Trail

Length: 28 km

Off-Leash? No 

If that last hike wasn’t challenging enough, the Pinawa Trail is sure to tucker your pup out. Starting at the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park and ending at the Seven Sisters Generation Station, this trail takes you through deep lush woods and along the riverside. Take your furry friend out of the city and explore the great Canadian outdoors along this trail.

photoRob Swystun Flickr cc by 2.0

16. Hunt Lake Trail

Length: 12.6 km

Off-Leash? No

For a challenging hike, take Fido to the east side of West Hawk Lake along the Hunt Lake Trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Enjoy the stunning scenery of sparkling waters, rocky coves and lush forests while hiking with your best friend. Just over 100 km from Winnipeg, this hike is perfect for big dogs that need a good workout.

17. Tamarack Trail

Length: 11.5 km

Off-Leash? No

Give Fido the adventure he wants! 25 km from downtown Winnipeg lies an appropriate trail for those venturing out with active dogs. Tamarack Trail in Birds Hill Provincial Park is known to host all kinds of wildlife like coyotes, deer and elk.

18. Ancient Beach Trail

Length: 2.1 km

Off-Leash? No

If you don’t have as much time but still want to get your heart pumping, take on the steep climbs of the Ancient Beach Trail. Keep an eye out for your doggo as sections of this trail have poison ivy. Although your dogs fur protects most of their body, exposed patches like their stomach or the back of their legs may still be affected.

19. Amisk Trail

Length: 4.3 km

Off-Leash? No

Climb across rock ridges and stroll within the tall jack pines in Whiteshell Provincial Park. With many sections of this trail shaded by the trees, this is a great choice on a hot sunny day. Ending at Rennie River, aim to start this trek in the morning.

20. Spirit Sands to Devil’s Punchbowl

Length: Varies

Off-Leash? No

Although the name suggests something sinister, the Devil's Punchbowl is a stunning crater-shaped lake that glows a light emerald green on a sunny day. This trail has several different paths to choose from, making it very customizable. Whether you’re looking for a longer hike or shorter nature walk, Spruce Woods Provincial Park makes a beautiful backdrop. Stroll through forests filled with pine, spruce, oak and aspen trees before coming across the grassy prairies, which host a few sand dunes as well.

photoRob Swystun Flickr cc by 2.0

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