We love finding new, unique outdoor adventure gear. From hiking snacks to campsite accessories, here are 15 gear items under $15 Canadian.


RX Bar

photoRX Bar

$2-3 each

While you may have your go-to granola bar or DIY trail mix, this energy-boosting protein bar is worth stashing in your pack just in case.

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Honey Stinger Waffles

photoHoney Stinger

$2-3 each

Trust us—this sweet, crunchy waffle is so delicious, you won’t believe it counts as hiking fuel.

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Bear Bell



So, you have bear spray and an air horn—but no bear bells? Jingling down the trail is an easy and non-invasive way to prevent bear altercations.

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Outdoor Wine Glass

photoatmosphere.ca | Review photo


Yes, you can feel classy sipping red wine around a campfire at a secluded camping spot near a lake.

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Patch2Go Tent Repair

photoAvventura Outdoors


Vinyl patches work in a pinch to fix a torn tent or ripped air mattress—plus, these little squares take up barely any room in your bag.

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Explore Magazine


From $5

The staff and contributors for our print magazine strive to take you on epic vicarious adventures. We're actively looking to share diverse voices—please contact us if you're a BIPOC freelance writer.

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Q Hydration


$5.95 for a 3-pack

Mix this blend of electrolytes, herbal extracts, vitamins and Quercetin to get through intense outdoor adventures.

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Xpand No-Tie Laces



Tie your trail running shoes once—and never again. Seriously, these work.

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Collapsible Roasting Stick

photoAvventura Outdoors


Never struggle to find the perfect stick for roasting marshmallows and smokies again!

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Backpacker Mug



Insulate your precious hot beverages in this collapsible 17-ounce mug.

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LED Tent Pegs

photoAvventura Outdoors


If you’ve ever stumbled over your guyline after a midnight trip to the outhouse, you’ll want to light the way with these LED tent pegs.

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Trailside Cookbook

photoThe Trailside Cookbook


Because who doesn’t want to be a better camp chef?

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Backpacking Book



Whether you need inspiration or escapism on the trail, we recommend totting along a book.

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Pack A Long Stool



Weighing only 1.2 pounds, this handy seat can go wherever you go.

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Microfibre Travel Towel



It’s always wise to include a quick-dry towel in your adventure gear stash.

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