Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba is full of crystal-clear lakes, enchanting forests and roaming wildlife. Visitors may see bison, moose, beavers and even black bears on their adventures through the park.

Riding Mountain National Park is one of 18 Biosphere Reserves in Canada. With over 400 kilometres of trails, the park is perfect for solo adventurers and families alike. Here are ten of our top picks for your next hike in Riding Mountain National Park.

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Bald Hill

Length: 9.5 km

Hikers can expect views of strange-looking Bald Hill and a solid leg workout on this difficult trek.

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Burls and Bittersweet

Length: 2.2 km loop

This easy trek loops through the forest. Burls and Bittersweet is located on the East Side Escarpment of Riding Mountain National Park. Download the trail guide (link below) for a family friendly detective adventure straight from 1989.

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Moon Lake

Length: 9.2 km

The Moon Lake Trail is located conveniently close to the Moon Lake campground and picnic site, making it perfect for hikes at any time of day. The trail can be rather difficult thanks to its long length and multiple wet spots. However, as the trail continues, it does get easier along the northeastern shore of the lake. Moon Lake is a popular spot for bird watching as osprey and bald eagles frequent the area.

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Beach Ridges

Length: 3.5 km loop

If you love natural history and geology you will love the Beach Ridges Trail! This easy, interpretive loop features sign posts throughout the trail. Hikers will learn how glacial Lake Agassiz created these ridges long ago.

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Length: 2.1 km short loop; 4.2 km long loop

Before hitting the Brûlé Trail, make sure you stop by the Visitor Centre and grab a guidebook. There are two possible loops to take on this trail, depending on how long you want to be hiking for. Hikers hitting these trails will be able to appreciate and learn about a variety of beautiful wildflowers, such as the Wood Lily, that bloom along the trail.

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Length: 3.9 km

The Kinosao Trail is perfect for all ages. Hikers will follow this serene rolling trail all the way to Kinosao Lake. There is a small dock to relax on. It’s the perfect place to fuel up with a snack before continuing down the rest of the trail.

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Length: 5 km

The Lakeshore Trail is a popular trek for sunset lovers. Hikers can watch the setting sun's vibrant colours reflect off the the lake. Just make sure to turn around before nightfall if you're afraid of the dark.

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Grasshopper Valley

Length: 17.2 km loop

The Grasshopper Valley Trail skirts the edge of a nearby bison enclosure, making it a great place to view wildlife. It also showcases unique and rare grasslands.

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Long Lake

Length: 13.8 km

The Long Lake Trail can be accessed at various points. Long Lake is home to a beautiful and serene campground and stunning lakeside views. Hikers can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and fishing for northern pike.

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Tilson Lake

Length: 35.6 km

The Tilson Lake Trail is ideal for explorers who love wildlife and want a challenge. This hike is an overnighter; it can be completed in two to three days. The Tilson Campsite sits high above the lake. Views of both the lake and the aspen parkland are breathtaking. 

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