Do you have an outdoor adventurer on your Christmas list? Lucky you! We’re a fun bunch to shop for. Here are 10 stocking stuffers under $50:


1. Forever Match

One match to rule them all! Unscrew the striker, add fluid and strike—instant flame. This is a fun mini gift for campers, hikers, paddlers and survivalists.

Cost: $9.95

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2. BeaverWax Triangle Scraper

Ski/snowboard season is here! This wax scrapper has multiple scraping sides, notched for edge scraping. You can also gift some wax for keen skiers and riders.

Cost: $11.95

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3. Handwarmer 10-Pack

A winter must-have! Slip these two-packs of hand warmers into stockings so everyone always has warm fingers on outdoor adventures. Just open, shake and enjoy hours of heat.

Cost: $13.95

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4. Wigwam 40 Below II Socks

Fully cushioned thermal socks for winter adventures make a perfect addition to any adventurer’s Christmas stocking! From snowshoeing to skiing, these will be put to good use.

Cost: $15

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5. Foldable Camping Utensil


Lightweight and convenient, this is a staple in many adventurer’s backpacks. From oceanside picnics to meals on clifftops, this foldable camping utensil will come in handy.

Cost: $19.95

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6. LED Headlamp

It’s getting darker earlier—don’t cut your adventures short. Stay out later with this awesome gift that will lead to night hikes and after-dark adventures.

Cost: $24.95

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7. Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir

Hydration is the key to health—and packing water for a hike, paddle or mountain bike ride just got easier. Roll this two-litre bladder into a stocking.

Cost: $24.95

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8. BUFF® Filter Mask

Face coverings are mandatory at ski resorts, and most other adventurous activities require them in some capacity. This 3-layer mask ties around the head for comfort and has a replaceable filter system.

Cost: $39.95

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9. Quick Dry Camping Towel

Durable, made of quality wicking fabric and complete with its own stuff sack, this camping towel is a must-have for water-based adventures and camping.

Cost: $44.95

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10. Showers Pass Shoe Cover

Live in a rainy climate? Cover up your sneakers while cycling through sudden showers. Give the gift of warm, dry commutes! (Plus, you'll keep your carpets clean from dirty, muddy shoes.)

Cost: $49.95

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