Sometimes it can be challenging to motivate kids to swap their screen time for time in nature, especially in cold or dreary weather. Luckily, food can be an excellent motivator, and a thoughtfully curated backpack full of snacks can be just enough to encourage your kids to go on a light hike or learn how to snowboard. Plus, these convenient yet nutritious items won’t leave you feeling guilty about letting your kids snack all day.


Applesauce Pouches by GoGo SqueeZ

hahahCourtesy of GoGo SqueeZ

GoGo SqueeZ offers a large portfolio of portable applesauce pouches to fuel your kids’ adventures. Aside from the classic applesauce, GoGo SqueeZ’s pouches include flavours like apple berry, apple cinnamon, and apple grape. Their applesauce pouches are made purely from fruit and are shelf-stable, meaning you don’t have to worry about them going bad in your pack on longer adventures.


Yogurt Drink by Danone

hahadanoneyogurt.caMade with 100 per cent Canadian milk, this drinkable yogurt by Danone is packed with calcium and protein. The real fruit purée provides a light sweetness, with five grams of sugar in every serving. Rich and creamy in a portable 93 mL bottle, this drinkable yogurt also sports a fun Paw Patrol, Frozen or Spiderman character on each of the bottles and are available in a range of kid-friendly flavours like strawberry, strawberry banana and raspberry.


Oat Milk by Earth’s Own

This milk alternative by Earth’s Own keeps thirsty kids satiated. With the oats harvested on Canadian soil and grown using seven times less water than traditional cow's milk, this plant-based milk is a smart choice for the body and the environment. Earth’s Own offers 250 mL single-serving containers in vanilla, chocolate and original.


Fruit Bars by That’s it.

ohoCourtesy of That’s it.

With the fruit bars from That’s it., what you see on the label is what you get, whether that’s one apple and 10 cherries, one apple and one mango, or one apple and 12 strawberries. With whole fruits as their sole ingredients, these bars are free of added sugars from corn syrup, concentrates and artificial flavours, and provide little adventurers with a quick burst of clean energy.


Martin's Crispy Apple Chips

ohoshop.martinsapples.comCrafted from apples picked fresh from the family-owned farm and orchards in Ontario's countryside, Martin's Apple Chips are addictively crispy and rich in flavour. These chips are expertly sliced and dehydrated, achieving the perfect crisp without frying or freezing to best preserve the fruit’s nutrients. For a taste of indulgence, treat your kids to apple chips in the salted caramel flavour or sprinkled with cinnamon.


Real Food Bars by Made with Local

ohoCourtesy of Made with LocalAptly named, Made with Local’s Real Food Bars are made at home in rural Nova Scotia with local ingredients. This female-owned, Certified B Corporation got its start offering wholesome snack foods at local farmers markets, sourcing ingredients from Canadian producers. Their soft-baked chewy bars are crafted with clean ingredients, and kids tend to favour the chocolate mint chip, peanut butter blondie, and peanut butter brownie flavours.


Lil' Squeezes by Trail Butter

An appetizing blend of sweet and savoury, Trail Butter offers their creamy nut butters in 133 mL portable squeeze pouches for the whole family to enjoy and 34 mL single-serve packets nicknamed Lil' Squeezes. Each individual pouch has five grams of protein and comes in a range of options from the original trail mix almond butter blend to a maple syrup and sea salt almond cashew butter blend. Perfectly portioned for on-the-go, Trail Butter is ideal on top of sandwiches, apple slices, celery sticks with raisins or straight out of the pack.


Roasted Seaweed Snacks by gimMe Snacks

ahaCourtesy of gimMe Snacks

GimMe Snacks packs their satisfyingly crispy seaweed treats chock full of vitamins B12 and K and iodine. Each pack of seaweed is equal to a serving of vegetables, making it easy for kids to get their servings in. They come in six flavours sea salt and avocado oil, as well as teriyaki.


Mini Medjools by Natural Delight

oooCourtesy of Natural Delight

These mini date squares come in six flavours and are made with simple and nutritious ingredients including Medjool dates, dried fruits and nuts. The Mini Medjools are full of fibre, potassium, and vitamins, and the bite-sized morsels are perfect for little adventurers craving something sweet.


Snap Pea Crisps by Harvest Snaps

Harvest Snaps sources the highest quality green peas for this satisfyingly crunchy snack. Full of protein and fibre, it’s easy for kids to get their vegetables as they snack on these snap pea crisps. Aside from the original lightly salted flavour, Harvest Snaps also offers snap pea crisps in fun flavours like tomato basil and cracked black pepper.



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