Banff's Bison
Credit: Karsten Heuer / Parks Canada

Parks Canada is pleased to announce that 10 healthy bison calves were born in Banff’s backcountry between April and May 2017, bringing the herd number to 26. These new additions represent the future of bison restoration in Banff National Park.

The new calves are healthy and doing well. For the next few months, the calves will stay close to their mothers as they navigate their new world.

Parks Canada will closely monitor and care for the herd while they are in the soft-release pasture. In early summer 2017, the herd will be released into a larger summer pasture where they will have more space to forage.

Banff's BisonKarsten Heuer / Parks Canada

This curious calf was one of the 10 new bison calves born in Banff National Park's backcountry in 2017. 

Banff's BisonKarsten Heuer / Parks Canada

Two bison calves join the herd as they explore the soft-release bison pasture in Banff's remote Panther Valley. They will be released into a 1,200-square-kilometre reintroduction zone in 2018.

Banff's BisonKarsten Heuer / Parks Canada

Bison mother and calf enjoy the sunshine in Banff National Park's remote Panther Valley. Bison were returned to Banff's backcountry in early 2017, coinciding with Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation.

Life for Banff's Young Bison: