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When winter hits Canada, some paddlers wait until snow and frozen waterways give way to spring thaws and warmer temperatures before venturing back out on the water. Others trade in their paddles for snowshoes or cross-country skis. And others, well… they...
I picked up the new LuminAID PackLite Titan, an upgrade from the company’s LuminAID Max. It’s a replacement for my beloved but aging original Luci Light
What better way to experience winter in the prairies than by gliding across six kilometres of frozen river banked by unique warming huts?
Alex Steward creates eco-friendly art and displays his paintings and sculptures in nature across British Columbia
With a plethora of provincial and national parks across BC and Alberta, camping allows outdoor adventurers the perfect base for...
Welcome to episode 28 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. Today, my guest is Caroline Cote. And as I hit publish, she is (ideally) in the final week or so of a self-supported ski expedition across Antarctica to the...
Welcome to episode 27 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. My guest is Mariele Guerrero—adventure paddler!
Welcome to episode 26 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. My guests is Olivia Saray—a dog and cat nutrition specialist at Rolf C. Hagen. 
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