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Going Her Own Way: Adventure and Solo Woman Travel
Looking for practical tips on how to explore as a solo female adventurer? Here are a few interesting ideas.
The Way of the Wolf Arctic Return: Gearing up for Retracing John Rae's Greatest Journey
As winter slowly releases its grip on us, thoughts turn to spring... crocuses popping from the dirt, long days of...
Go Here: 6 Epic Adventures on Oahu, Hawaii
Freelance writer Lori A May shares her favourite adventures around Oahu


Get ready for new adventure videos you won't want to miss
We love photos and words, but there’s something undeniably engaging about video. Watching...
International Women's Day: 4 Adventurous Women We Admire
In honor of International Women’s Day, Friday March 8, 2019, these inspiring...
The Sharing Economy Comes to the Outdoors
Will the sharing economy affect how we explore the great outdoors?
Paragliders bring solar power light to community in Malawi
Canadian and Californian paragliders bring solar lights to a community in Africa
We Need To Talk About Instagram Culture in the Outdoors
Instagram culture is pervasive in the outdoors. Let's talk about it.

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