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Picture this: you’re a scuba diver from Canada who’s only dove in cold water since you got your Open Water certification six years earlier. You’ve never been on a boat for more than a few hours, let alone diving off...
It is the cold, wild waters of Lake Superior that define the North Shore as a whole. The best way to experience this part of Ontario? Paddling.
Quebec is made for outdoor enthusiasts, whether you love to play in the snow, speed through muddy forests or paddle along rivers and across lakes.
As both a marina and an RV resort, visitors can fish, hike, bike and have a picnic with the view of the calm, turquoise-blue ocean.
I’ve never owned a good map case for my paddling trips. They all didn’t seal properly and eventually leaked, and most of them were too small to fit full topographical maps. Recreational Barrel Works has fixed all that. They recently...
Welcome to episode 28 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. Today, my guest is Caroline Cote. And as I hit publish, she is (ideally) in the final week or so of a self-supported ski expedition across Antarctica to the...
Welcome to episode 27 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. My guest is Mariele Guerrero—adventure paddler!
Welcome to episode 26 of Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast. My guests is Olivia Saray—a dog and cat nutrition specialist at Rolf C. Hagen. 
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