Go Here: Hiking & Craft Beer in Colorado (Part Two)
Apr 17, 2014
Head to Colorado this summer and take advantage of the state's challenging and scenic hikes, as well as the tasty craft beer on-tap. Here are some of the best options for both:
Go Here: Hiking & Craft Beer in Colorado (Part One)
Apr 11, 2014
This summer, head to Colorado — the mile-high state — for some wonderful hiking and tasty craft beer. Here are some great trails and breweries in Colorado:
Cyclists: Escape to Arizona
Apr 9, 2014
Canadian winters are tough; it's no wonder why every year snowbirds fly south to Arizona to escape the cold. Here is a list of Arizona's best cycling routes:
Where Have My KEENs Been? (Follow Your Feet To KEEN Contest)
Apr 3, 2014
Where have your KEENs been? For some of us, they've been around the world and back again. (Part of the "Follow Your Feet to KEEN" contest.)
Go Here: Exploring Tropical Fiji
Apr 1, 2014
Experience a new level of chill — and want for nothing — on the South Pacific Island Paradise of Fiji.
Go Here: Zion National Park - Where Summer Starts in Spring
Feb 25, 2014
Take a break from the snow and head to southern Utah for some of the best hiking and biking in North America. And yes, in Zion National Park 14 summer starts in spring.
British Columbia's 7 Best Natural Hot Springs
Feb 18, 2014
Head to the Rocky Mountains, or further west, to Vancouver Island, to discover British Columbia 19s best natural hot springs and enjoy a mid-winter warm up in the great outdoors.
7 Best Northern Lights Locations in Canada
Feb 11, 2014
If you want to see the Northern Lights this year, here seven of Canada 19s best aurora viewing locations:
Adventure Travel Roundup
Jan 29, 2014
Are you looking for a fun, exciting and adventurous getaway this year? Read on for Explore Magazine's best adventure travel destinations:
4 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Belize
Jan 2, 2014
Explore joined with BC-based outfitter Island Expeditions to discover the adventure potential of Belize's barrier reef. Read on to learn about four awesome outdoor adventures in Belize:
6 Adventure Getaways for Snowbirds
Dec 5, 2013
Canadian outdoor enthusiasts: Fly from the Great White North to the Sunny South this winter and check out one of these six outdoor adventure destinations.
Go Here: 3 Awesome Eco-Lodges in Colombia
Nov 8, 2013
Check out these three eco-lodges in Colombia's Bahia Solano region, an undiscovered warm-weather outdoor adventure mecca on the country’s rugged Pacific Coast:
Cycle Touring: 6 Canadian Classic Routes
Oct 30, 2013
Welcome to part three of our Classic Canadian Cycle Destination Roundup. Here are six awesome bicycle routes for travelling cyclists:
5 Canadian Cycle Destinations
Oct 23, 2013
Are you looking to do some two-wheeled touring on Canada's best bicycle routes? Here are five essential destinations for travelling cyclists:
5 Awesome Cycle Destinations
Oct 9, 2013
Get ready to work up a sweat, pedal past some breathtaking scenery and explore Canada on two wheels. Here are five must-ride cycle routes:
Go There: 5 Outdoor Adventures in Aruba
May 3, 2013
An easy five-hour plane ride south of Toronto, Aruba offers more than just the resort lifestyle — outdoor adventure awaits, if you know where to look:
Explore's Springtime Travel Roundup
Apr 12, 2013
Are you looking for a springtime getaway destination? Look no further — we've got 10 of them to entice you. Welcome to explore's Springtime Travel Roundup. Read on for 10 Awesome Travel Ideas:
All-Canadian Destination Roundup
Mar 1, 2013
If you're looking for an all-Canadian spring/summer vacation destination guide — look no further. Explore magazine has a roundup of the best outdoor destinations for you to take on this season.
Go There: Off the Grid in Honduras
Feb 15, 2013
If you are looking for a winter vacation destination that's off the beaten path — consider Honduras, an up-and-coming outdoor adventure utopia.
Spring Destination: North of 60
Feb 8, 2013
If you are looking for a unique spring destination — and you haven't had enough of winter — head North of 60 for some one-of-a-kind outdoor fun.
Guided trip: Hike Bella Coola's alpine
Jan 18, 2013
Stay in rustic cabins while exploring the Nuk Tessli trail network - discover an idyllic outdoor adventure playground on BC's west coast.
Go There: Warm Weather Surfing Escapes
Dec 31, 2012
Canadian surf-travellers: If you’re looking for an international surfing adventure, check out these three choice picks:
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