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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Dianne Whelan's 500 Days in the Wild
Kevin Callan sits down with Diane Whelan to chat about her remarkable, 500-day journey along the Trans Canada Trail.
The Happy Camper: Lake Water Makes Better Tea
Do you use snow to make your tea while winter camping? Don't do it! This is a better method:
The Happy Camper: Be a Part of My New Winter Camping Book
Kevin Callan needs your help—do you want to be a part of his new winter-camping book?
The Happy Camper: Crocodiles and Ice
The Happy Camper's review of Jon Turk's new book, "Crocodiles & Ice." A must-read!
The Happy Camper: My "Wilderness Quest"
In 2012, Kevin Callan began a film project. It features a rather odd character, but it is set in one...

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