Eating habits

The Boreal Owl loves to prey on small animals such as lemmings, voles, mice and moles. When mice numbers are high, mating amongst these birds increases.


The Boreal Owl tends to nest in old woodpecker cavities. Interestingly, in North America, these creatures are monogamous while in Europe, male owls will have up to three partners.

Size matters

Boreal Owls have a wingspan of up to 62 cm and the female is larger than the male. A young owl is chocolate brown but will eventually get flecks of white with age.

All in the name

This species is only known as the Boreal Owl in North America. In other areas of the world where they are found, they are known as the Tengmalm's Owl, Richardson's Owl, Sparrow Owl, Partridge-haw and Pearl Owl.

Life expenctancy

After 30 days, the young will leave their nest. Once they reach sexual maturity at nine months, a Boreal Owl will attempt to produce a brood. In some cases, a female is able to produce a second. Their average life expectancy is seven years.

Sit and wait

The Boreal Owl is very patient when hunting. They have been known to thaw out frozen animals using brooding techniques and can locate food audibly.


Fire, drought and deforestation are the leading causes for their dwindling numbers.