Getting Started: Backcountry Skiing Tips
Apr 3, 2014
Are you looking to get started in backcountry skiing or snowboarding this year? Here are some gear selection and technique tips to get you on your way:
Backcountry Skiing 101: Avalanche Safety
Jan 21, 2014
It's the backcountry skier's number-one concern: avalanches. Here are some quick tips for heading out in the backcountry.
Hypothermia and Frostbite 101
Jan 16, 2014
Polar vortex? Arctic mass? Canadian winters are serious business. Learn the basics of identifying, preventing and treating hypothermia and frostbite.
3 Essential Camping Skills
Sep 13, 2013
So you can set up a tent in two minutes, roast a marshmallow to perfection and you’re a pro backpack-packer? Well, here are three more essential camping skills to master:
How to Photograph Star Trails
Aug 30, 2013
Looking to photograph some spectacular star trails this autumn? Here are some handy tips for pro-level results:
Learn to Surf: 3 Essential Steps
Jul 8, 2013
Looking to catch a wave this summer? Hannah Stevenson from Pacific Surf School in Tofino, BC offers three quick tips to get you started in surfing:
Outdoors Skills: Predict the Weather
Jun 19, 2013
Assuming you’re lacking cell coverage and can’t access the Weather Network app, here are six techniques for old-school weather prediction:
SUP Skills: How to Paddle a Stand-Up Paddleboard
Jun 14, 2013
It's the fastest-growing watersport segment in North America, yet stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) still intimidates a lot of would-be watermen and waterwomen. Here are some quick tips to get up and paddling this summer:
5 Essential Summer Skills
May 8, 2013
Since summer is fleeting, it's important to master the skills to make the most out of every day. So here are 5 Essential Summer Skills, brought to you by Explore Magazine:
Explore Interview Series: Cimber Sean McColl
May 7, 2013
Explore Interview Series: Cimber Sean McColl. Explore Magazine caught up with pro-climber Sean McColl to talk about his success, motivation and why he likes to climb.
Explore Interview Series: Survivalist Les Stroud
May 7, 2013
Explore Interview Series: Survivalist Les Stroud. Explore Magazine caught up with Les Stroud — Survivorman himself — to chat about how he got started in this industry (that he created), and what makes a Survivorman tick.
Explore Interview Series: Kayaker Adam van Koeverden
May 7, 2013
Explore Interview Series: Kayaker Adam van Koeverden. Explore Magazine caught up with Olympic Sprint Kayaker Adam van Koeveren to chat about kayaking —for medals and for fun — and the physics of fluid dynamics.
Explore Interview Series: Surfer Peter Devries
May 7, 2013
Explore Interview Series: Surfer Peter Devries. Explore Magazine caught up with Vancouver Island-based pro surfer Peter Devries to chat about surf culture and what it takes to be the best.
10 Essential Skills for the Outdoorsperson
Mar 13, 2013
With the weather warming and spring-summer camping/hiking/paddling season coming up, it's time to brush up on your backcountry skills and ensure you're up to the task of taking this season for all it's worth.
How to Boil Water For Safe Consumption
Jan 25, 2013
Modern water purification tablets have come a long way since those awful iodine tablets, and filters work well too — but what if you are all out of tablets, you don't have a filter and you need safe water? You...
Shoot like a pro: Action and adventure
Jan 16, 2013
Kick up your action and adventure shots with these tips from some of Canada's top outdoor photographers
Bear Safety 101
Dec 28, 2012
Bear Safety: it’s never too early to educate yourself for next year’s camping season. Here are some tactics for dealing with bears in the bushes:
How to Make Waterproof Matches
Dec 19, 2012
Use this simple trick to turn conventional wooden matches into military-grade waterproof fire starters:
How to make ground-to-air signals
Oct 17, 2012
If plane pick-up and drop-off is part of your backcountry trip, this is a handy skill to have.
Survive Any Disaster
Oct 12, 2012
Master these outdoors survival skills and you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way.
How to shop for outdoor gear
Sep 27, 2012
Outdoor gear is pricey, and because it can add up so quickly, we want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. When it comes to boots, tents, mountain bikes and more, here's what you should be...
Top navigation tips
Sep 18, 2012
No matter what you're equipped with, these tips are sure to help you find your way on your next backcountry adventure.
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