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Angus Adventures: Life Saving Brown Fat
Jan 9, 2015
Alone and freezing to death in northeast Siberia, Colin Angus learned the life-saving importance of “brown fat”
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Angus Adventures: The Challenge of Healthy Eating
Oct 14, 2014
Colin Angus takes a look at the health industry and comes up with some shocking new information. So how do you eat healthy?
FEAT Canada Speaker Series: Sarah Jamieson
Sep 6, 2014
"Harnessing the power of your own inner superhero" is about exploring your own personal potential using the iconic ideology of the power behind super human experiences and sport while investing in your community. Here are my 5 tips towards empowering...
5 Tips for Being a New Mom and Racing at the High Level
Jul 30, 2014
  Planning and organization are the key. The night before my workout (because I prefer morning workouts and because its the best way to step away when the baby is fairly content and leave him with Dad) I organize my training...
FEAT Canada Speaker Series: Ellie Greenwood
Jun 13, 2014
1) Use a nutrition plan that works for you Some people can run 100 miles on just gels whilst others will struggle to stomach just a few gels over the same distance.  There is no real right or wrong thing to...
Revival of the Fittest
May 28, 2014
Colin Angus talks about lifelong fitness, Paleo diets — and whether to go shod or unshod!
Olive Odyssey: Two Canadians Investigate the Intriguing Olive
May 14, 2014
Two Canadian explorers trace their ancestry along fabled olive trade routes, uncovering the incredible influence this fruit has had on human history.
Marathons, Half Marathons & 10K Runs Across Canada
Apr 22, 2014
There are hundreds of great marathons, half marathons and 10K races happening across Canada this year, so sign up and be sure to get that body into racing form. Here are a few top picks:
Getting Started: Endurance Running
Apr 15, 2014
Here are your essential first steps to running a half-marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon:
Outdoor Clubs Across Canada
Mar 25, 2014
Whether you are looking for a local volunteer group or a national organization with local subgroups, you’ll be able to find an outdoors club that suits you best almost anywhere in Canada:
9 Wellness Goals For Healthier Living
Jan 15, 2014
Most New Year’s resolutions are so ambitious few people manage to actually achieve them. This year, set fitness and wellness goals that will make your life better and that you will enjoy accomplishing.
The Best Foods for Quick Energy
Dec 19, 2013
Midday is no time to run short on energy. Here are some fantastic energy-boosting super-foods that keep the body ready for adventure all day long.
Gadd's Truth: Rise of the Eco-Hunter?
Dec 13, 2013
Will Gadd, a one-time vegetarian, looks at the ethics and realities of hunting and examines the growing trend of hikers, climbers and skiers who hunt.
Fitness Tips: Get in Shape For Skiing
Nov 26, 2013
The ski season is here — it’s time to get into shape so you can tear up the mountains that much longer. Here are four fitness tips for getting in prime skiing condition:
4 Cool Things About CLIF Bar & Company
Nov 15, 2013
Explore visited CLIF Bar & Company headquarters in Emeryville, California, and discovered four cool facts about CLIF Bar & Company:
Gadd's Truth: What Is Real-World Fitness?
Oct 2, 2013
Will Gadd discusses the concept of "real world fitness," and proposes some radical (or perhaps not-so-radical?) solutions to North America's obesity crisis.
Why athletes need body fat
Oct 1, 2013
As we strive for optimal physical fitness, it's also true that you can get too caught up in the national obsession with body fat. If you're very active, watch the pounds you shed.
10 Fitness & Nutrition Tips For Outdoorspeople
Sep 19, 2013
Staying in shape is vital in order to make the most of your time out-of-doors — with swimsuit season on the horizon, explore presents 10 Fitness & Nutrition Tips For Outdoorspeople:
Eat better
Sep 15, 2013
Find out how to make your next adventure a little tastier.
How To Make Homemade Camp Food
Jul 24, 2013
Forgo the freeze-dried fare this summer — here are three tips/recipes for eating home cooked or naturally-foraged food on your next camping trip:
How to do squats
Jun 15, 2013
How to do squats to develop a strong core for paddling and rolling
Training schedule for runners
Jun 6, 2013
Canadian pro runner Katrina Blanch shares her schedule for staying fit
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