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I'm Confused - maybe it's the plastic bottles I'm drinking out of????
Now I'm really confused about this plastic drinking bottle thing. Read what the Toronto Star had to say about it...
Chiniguichi trip part 2 - Carafel to Muskinonge Lake
Day 2 Our second day out was much easier then the first. After a leisurely morning of flap-jacks and bacon,
Scotland has no chipmunks
Last week I had the privilege to take my cousin from Scotland on a canoe trip. It was on her...
Chiniguichi's new canoe route
When my daughter was two my wife, Alana, and I took her on an extended 12 day canoe trip...
Video of my new book - Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss
I'm thrilled to announce that my new book is out, titled "Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss". It's...
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