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The Happy Camper: The Welsh Open Canoe Symposium
Kevin Callan heads to Wales to find out about canoeing on the other side of The Pond.
The Happy Camper: Survival Kit Know-How
Kevin Callan talks about the importance of having a survival kit—and what to put in it:
The Happy Camper: Injuries and Poop Problems on the Trail
Kevin Callan talks about a very delicate—yet potentially serious—issue on the trail. And, enjoy his new Campsite of Horrors video,
The Happy Camper: Best Backpacking Gear of 2016
Kevin Callan gets a lot of requests to spill the beans on his favourite gear. Well, here it is:
The Happy Camper: Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review
Kevin Callan reviews the new Osprey Atmos 65 AG. He's on a backpacking trip with it, right now. How is...
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